Mixed People Are NOT Black!

Many people are offended whenever someone says this. I’ve watched several videos and read several articles that spoke about this and the amount of people being upset about it always appalled me. It is true. Mixed people are not black.

I remember people in my family proudly talking about the “one-drop rule” like it was a good thing, like it’s something to be proud of; “anybody that’s mixed with the smallest percentage of black is completely black”. I didn’t think anything of it when I was younger. But now that I’m older and I hear people saying, “One drop makes you whole”, it just sounds ridiculous. One drop of nothing in the world makes anything whole. Why does it have to be when it comes to black people?

If we think about history and read just a few history books, we all will see that mixed people were never considered full black until racist white people created the one-drop rule during slavery. They were always referred to as something else before then; coloreds, mulattoes, etc. (And now that I think about it, they actually still are. Even though we call them black, we still call them mixed). If they are black, we wouldn’t feel the need to call them something else.

Racist white people came up with the rule because they wanted to keep their race pure and hide that they were sleeping with and raping slave women. Also, of course, because they didn’t want to claim anything that has black in it as belonging to them. We were “beneath” them, according to them.

When we continue accepting this rule, we are accepting racism, white supremacy, and an old slave rule. It’s not slavery days anymore. It’s time to stop holding on to these old slave rules that were basically forced on us.

I always hear black people getting upset whenever a mixed person chooses to identify as mixed instead of black (like Tiger Woods, for example) and say, “It doesn’t matter what you identify as! When the white man catches you in the streets, you’re black!” And people think this is something good when they say this. So, whatever a racist white man says goes? We have to accept them as black because they say so? Of course, they will say you’re black. They’re the ones who came up with the rule! But it doesn’t make it true. Racist white people have imposed many rules on black people that were actually lies and things used to keep us from advancing all throughout history and this one-drop rule is one of them. Besides, if anyone says this, it means that they know the person is right by not identifying as just black, but they think because white people say otherwise, it “doesn’t matter”.

I believe that the reason black people hold onto this rule is because they can use mixed people to get what they want out of a society that gives nothing to black people. Then, once black people can no longer use them for their benefit, that’s when they accept that mixed people are not black.

For example, if we claim mixed people as black, we get the most dominant golf player in the league (Tiger Woods). If we claim mixed people as black, we get one of the most powerful and dominant singers in America (Beyoncé). If we claim mixed people as black, we get one of the most dominant and successful wrestlers in WWE history and a very successful actor (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). If we claim mixed people as black, we have the first black president of the United States (Barack Obama). And so on and so forth.

When black people feel like these mixed people are taking things away from them, like privileges and platforms (movie roles, awards, magazine covers, simple praises, etc.) that actual black people should have, that’s when they will start noticing that these people are mixed instead of black. But the thing is, these people have always been mixed. You can’t wait until they start taking things from you to notice it.

I also believe black people accept mixed people as black because they live through mixed people. Black people know that mixed people are placed on a pedestal in their communities and get praised for everything. Black people want that for themselves. So, they accept mixed people as black to feel like they have all that, too. A lot of black people, sadly, don’t want to be black and are very quick to claim that they’re mixed, especially if they are mixed, but it doesn’t look obvious. Whether we admit it, know it, or not, a lot of black people have very little pride in being who they are. The actions of many black people and the things we say about each other prove it. And that comes from many years of oppression and colonialism.

Mixed people accept being called black and identify as black because society tells them to and if they don’t, they get shamed and it shouldn’t be like that. I also believe they identify as black because they are full aware of the privileges they get from being mixed amongst black people and they don’t want to give that up.

I have absolutely nothing against mixed people. I just don’t think they are black and should identify as black. They are not black historically and they are not black in reality. I think they should identify as what they actually are. Biracial or multiracial.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

21 thoughts on “Mixed People Are NOT Black!”

  1. I am multi-racial {my Mom is bi- racial(blk&wht) and my Dad (South Asian)} I feel that most of the controversy comes from Black people due to low self-esteem and insecurity. By the way the “one drop rule” was I feel, mainly rooted in economics. As slaves were very expensive[the price equivalent of a house or luxury auto today] to think a slave-owner could co-habit with his slave and produce another piece of chattel worth up to a $1000 plus ….think about it. And historically speaking whenever bi-racial people were referenced they were always reffered to as “Mullato.” It was only in the 1950’s that that classification was aboloished most likely due to “Black” peoples inferiority complex.I remember one time an L.A.P. D senior officer [blk] flew into a rage when I responded to his question of my race to fill out a report as, “Other”.{ People usually think I am puerto-rican or hisp. but the admixture of african is obvious mainly due to curly hair not features} I have always been unreasonably negatively accosted by black americans when i mention my 50% asian paternal heritage .Africans themselves dont have this complex only blk americans. so I think it is an issue of controversy only due to their insecurity.


  2. I am mixed and do not care for this “privilage” among black people that you speak about. I do not even have too many black people in my immediate life, and the mixed people that I’ve known (biracial like me) were not comfortable with how black men aggressively went after them in public in such a way that it brought negative attention. I appreciate any attractive man showing interest in me, but I do not belong to the black race and I think other biracial, Latin, eastern European men are the most handsome, in general. I guess my point is that, maybe you are talking about ghetto biracial people, but I’ve not met any like that.

    At any rate, biracial people have healthier self-esteem when they relate to and accept all aspects of who they are, such as a person like Drake accepting his sensitivity, which is a dominant gene from Europe, and accepting your spiritual awareness, which likely comes from African DNA. Thanks for listening.

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    1. I came here because I was curious. I watch Maury and Wilkos and see a lot of interracial couples with very fair children and some have blue eyes. I wanted to know, but was afraid to ask, how they identify. if your skin color is darker does society decide for you? I want to understand. in a very few generations we will all be bi-racial I think and then race will not be an issue anymore. What happens to society then? how will they segregate us? I believe the family unit is the most important part of growing up. Without it and the structure that comes from it society will fall apart or implode.


  3. Los negros y los mestizos no son el problema, son los judíos; de hecho a mí me parece que ustedes, los anglosajones, son bien sospechosos de tener sangre judía (no digo que todos). Gran parte del problema es que la causa de la raza blanca se encuentra en manos de puros campesinos ígnaros: nos van a seguir derrotando mientras no hagamos inversiones en los medios de comunicación.


  4. I like this post too, but wait, Beyoncé isn’t half. Her mom may have a Creole background, but she’s still African American (not white). I do think that biracial/mixed people probably want to identify with the group they look like the most.

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