The Problem With Talking About Self Hate To Black People

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Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

10 thoughts on “The Problem With Talking About Self Hate To Black People”

  1. @mysparklingthoughts

    I have notice with biracial or non black women who have children by dark skinned Afro texture black men get up set when there children have more Afro physical traits especially when there hair is Afro texture an not the curly or wavy hair look they want. I have seen a trend on social media with celebrity dark skin Afro texture black men whose biracial wife or girlfriend have this same complaint. From Kevin Hart, Tank, Eddie Murphy, Gilbert Areas and etc wives or girlfriends had issue with their children looks. These biracial & non black women produce children with dark skinned Afro texture black men but hate there African physical traits especially & skin color when it doesn’t looks a certain way.

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    1. Yeah. I saw a video of a biracial woman and a dark skinned man complaining about their baby’s features and how “dark” she was (the baby wasn’t even dark at all, but I guess she wasn’t light enough for them). Biracial women and dark skinned men are the biggest colorists!


  2. @ mysparklingthoughs
    It’s slowly becoming a trend now of dark skinned black men being slowly replace with light skinned or most definitely biracial men in the media. Look at the big debate with Stephen Curry and how dark skin black men are complaining about him. The same issues that black women were having of our image of being replace with biracial women now is effecting black men. It’s a cause & effect to everything with black men & women. What effects one group will eventually effects another group. The same when numbers of black men were dating interracial well now the media are pushing the same image toward black women to date interracial. Black men will eventually start to complain about this issue as well.

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    1. Yes I’ve noticed this. I feel like this might be karma for black men because when black women complained about being replaced and overlooked by light skinned/mixed women, they didn’t listen to us. They called us bitter and jealous. They did the same when black women expressed disdain for black men dating out. Now the same thing is happening to them only for them to make the same complaints they shamed black women for making. I believe life is trying to tell and show black men to be there for black women and take heed to what they say is making them uncomfortable or feel left out.


  3. Colorism is a big issue facing our community. A couple of years ago, I was working with at risk teenagers at a majority black middle school. A young beautiful female told me she had issues on the way she looks about her skin color. I told her , she’s an attractive young lady and nothing was wrong with you. She told me her skin was too dark, I told her I’m dark skinned too. Her response back to me was you’re not as dark as me. My skin complexion is the same color as Gabrielle Union, the young lady had a pretty black skin complexion. When she told me he response I was stunned I thought about what she stated that whole day. Until I remember beautiful black skin complexion women are not shown enough in the media not even black media as well. The only time the media show a dark skin black women are usually the ones that are the same skin complexion as Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland and etc. Images can be powerful to the mind especially the messages it is sending out. Black children need to see uplifting images off dark skin people African facial features with Afro texture hair. We as black Africans around the diaspora need to protect the black image of ourselves. We need to stop trying to be accepted by non black Africans an start accepting ourselves as a people. We need to install in our people that black is beautiful.

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    1. You are absolutely right! I think we need our own media. I feel like that’s the only way we will be able to show positive images of ourselves. Begging to be accepted in white media is just not working and it never will.


  4. @mysparklingthoughts
    I would love to hear your opinion on “Hair-ism” as I would call it because. black people have an obsession about good hair & the hair length. I have seen far to many black women posting pictures of there hair length trying to prove too the world black women hair can grow. Just recently Tina Knowles post a Instagram video of Beyonce long hair. A while back Kelly Rowland post a picture with her wearing her Afro an she didn’t get this much prize which most of it have to do with the length of her hair. Rather the hair is curly, wavy, or kinky black people have this obsession with long hair. A lot of this obsession with long hair comes from western beauty standards & stereotypes about black hair. I have seen black women with a thick short to medium length don’t get prizes as a black women with long hair. Hair texture & length is a big issue in the black community.

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      1. @mysparkingthoughts
        Hello I hope everything is well. I’m adding a additional comment about the self hate in our community. I have notice on social media some black men have a fetish for having mix daughters . It’s becoming a trend for them to post pictures of biracial littles girls stating that’s how they want their daughters too look like. You already can picture how the little girl will look racially ambiguous with fair skin, curly, wavy or less Afro texture hair, and sometimes different color eyes that aren’t brown. You don’t see other races of men doing that but black men prizing daughters in which they want to have to look half black. It also say a lot about the black men who make these post. They don’t view blackness as attractive and they feel by mixing with other races can produce a better child then they can. We hear black women talk about colorism but the colorism & self hate black men have goes unnoticed.

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      2. Thank you. I totally agree. Black men complain so much about black women having self hate that they don’t realize that they suffer from the exact same self hate. I’ve noticed this trend too and I’m sick of it. I’m also sick of them acting like they don’t realize they’re fetishizing mixed girls when they are called out on it.


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