Female Rap Is Taking Over!

Everyone is talking about Jermaine Dupri’s comments about today’s popular female rappers, saying they are “strippers rapping” and they rap about the same things all the time. Although I agree, I feel like him saying this is one sided and I feel like men saying and agreeing with this without checking male rappers are only threatened by the influx of upcoming female rappers.

Having this view about female rappers is one sided because the male rappers are no different. How many popular male rappers are there that aren’t rapping about drugs, sex, bitches, and hoes in every song? I’ve seen so many women ask this question in response to this statement about female rappers and the men name literally the same handful of male rappers: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake. Like every man who responded literally named these same few every single time. None of them named anyone different. If you can’t name more than three to five popular (keyword here) male rap artists that don’t rap about degenerate nonsense, what does that tell you?

Men are only attacking female rappers because it’s on the rise now. More people are starting to listen to and check for female rappers. The female rappers are doing better on the charts and selling more than a lot of male rappers right now.

Female rap is on the rise and it’s taking over and men are starting to feel threatened. That’s the truth!

Cardi B responded to these statements and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s her response:

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I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

3 thoughts on “Female Rap Is Taking Over!”

  1. Jermaine Dupri comment on “strippers rapping” is funny. Weren’t these same male rapper encouraging the strip culture throughout hip hop. Furthermore strippers are the new ballers now. These female rappers are rapping about what these male rappers like to see women do. Also black hip hop artist particularly black males are on the decline. We’re seeing more female rappers coming out especially with the help of social media.

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  2. I’m with Cardi on this. Just like with gangsta rap, the only rappers who get the support are the ones rapping about the most degenerate subject matter, while the more thoughtful ones get vilified if they try to go mainstream, with people insulting them for not being real rappers.

    Cardi came on my radar when she did a Doritos ad I think. That was the first time I heard of her. The ad made me crack up and I was trying find out who she was, and my niece told me her name was Cardi B. (Even my momma knows one of her most famous songs and she’s 70! We sing that song in that car, minus the cuss words!) since then I’ve been trying to pay attention, and been introduced to Meghan, and Lizzo, and a couple of others. Imma look up the ladies Cardi mentioned too.

    And yeah, imma blog about them. It’s only fair.

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