For All White People Have Done

I think about the stories I’ve heard black people telling for years of how white people negatively stereotype them.

I think about the stories of how white people lock their doors when they see a black person walking by or how they clutch at their purses.

We see on the news how they stay killing unarmed black men because they “feared for their lives”.

We see on television how they usually portray us as violent and ignorant.

I take all of this into consideration and think, HOW DARE THEY GET TO TREAT US THAT WAY????

After all they’ve done to us for centuries, if anything, WE should be treating THEM like that!

They came over here and stole and stripped away every single solitary thing we had. They take credit for and profit off our inventions and culture. Yet, have the nerve and audacity to portray us as thieves on their teLIEvision.

They have invaded and killed millions of people in countries across this whole world throughout history to get everything they have. Yet, have the nerve and audacity to portray us as the “most violent race” on their teLIEvision.

They came over here telling us we were inferior to them and everything about us–our skin tones, features and hair–was ugly. Yet, when we call them out for the things they do, they have the nerve and audacity to call us “divisive”. They have infiltrated numerous races of people that wasn’t them and made them hate themselves and feel inferior to them. No one on this planet is more divisive than white people.

And when we call them out for what they do or complain about how they treat us, they have the nerve and audacity to tell us to “Go back to Africa” like they didn’t come over here invading from Europe.

The truth is white people are ashamed to be white. They are ashamed of their history and what they are caught doing to many people across the world, especially to black people. They try to push who they are on the people they oppress to keep their image clean and keep the rest of the world from seeing who they are and treating them accordingly.

For all white people have done to us, we should be treating THEM how they treat US. We should be negatively judging THEM and killing THEM because we feel threatened…


We do nothing but continue to beg them to stop killing us, include us in things, and treat us like human beings, and they STILL continue to disrespect us.

That should tell us everything about US and everything we need to know about THEM.

And you know what else? I think they know that this is true. That’s why they are always doing things to us. They fear we can snap at any moment and it will be justified. That’s why they’re always “fearing for their lives”.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

9 thoughts on “For All White People Have Done”

  1. I 1000 percent agree with this post. I laugh at them. The audacity of such a savage people to call anyone us savage. You take and destroy people along worth mother earth and think that it won’t catch up to them. Yeah ok. It’s coming.

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  2. Europeans live in fear. They fear the day that us Black Africans will retaliate back in which it will come. That is why they are constantly down our backs none stop. Like what one commentor stated the European entertainment tells you what type of people we dealing with. Europeans love violent, destruction, greed, chaos, evil and etc. it’s in there dna

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  3. I try to outline white male pathologies in the pop culture that I critique. So many of their beliefs about the rest of the world, and other races, can be found in much of the entertainments they create, and nearly all of their entertainments, in books, movies, music, and tv, come back to a deep and real fear of their own mediocrity, and the fear that everything they’ve done to other people will one day happen to them.

    From sci-fi movies, like The Terminator (which features mass genocide), to War of The Worlds (colonization), to horror movies, like Halloween and Friday the 13th (about mass killings) to teen dystopias, like The Hunger Games (reservations) , and shows like The Handmaids Tale (f/rape and forced birth), are all things they have actually done to others, (and which ironically only star white people as the victims.)

    Their fear that all of us will make them pay for their sins one day, is very, very real, and it’s what’s prompting their complete and utter meltdown right now at the idea of becoming a majority minority in about twenty or thirty years. My greatest fear is as bad as the behavior we’re witnessing now it will get worse before it gets better. If we’re not careful some great mass killing of some kind is approaching, but not for them, as in their complete and utter panic, they’ll repeat the history of the last world war.

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      1. …and so we come to COVID-19 which whites claim is killing American descendants of slavery at greater numbers than all others except for Hispanics or Latinos or whatever they are called. COVID-19 is being allowed to wreak havoc on our group because we are, for the most part, frontline workers since we drive the buses, we work in fast food and other service industries. But what’s not being said is that ALL other causes of death are taking a back seat to COVID-19. You don’t hear of people dying of a heart attack or a stroke or kidney failure. “So and so died of complications of COVID-19” is all you hear. Be wary of the whites lies, for when the whites’ lips are moving, they are lying.

        Whites are dying, en masse in Iran, Italy, Spain, France, the UK and even in extremely lily white countries and so the only reason they are claiming that COVID-19 is killing us in record numbers is because of the fact of who would receive a ventilator if they were seriously affected by COVID-19. We certainly wouldn’t. That ventilator would be plugged up to someone white so daggone fast, my head would be spinning. I don’t believe ANY of the lies put out by the mainstream media.

        Great post, btw.

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      2. Thank you very much. I didn’t realize they weren’t talking about other causes of deaths so they could only talk about COVID-19 deaths. Thanks for mentioning that. And yes. All over the world, white people are dying from it, probably more than any other group of people and they’re lying about it.

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      3. That’s one of their ‘calling cards’; lying and saying that they come in peace and are humanitarian and benevolent. Most of the world’s people are well aware that whites are anything but that, especially American descendants of slavery and the Indians. Whites, in their efforts to kill us will find themselves more dead than we will. We are made of stronger stuff because we have been enduring suffering at their hands for hundreds of years. They are the ones to whom suffering is something they inflict upon others, never them. But they will be sticking their spoon in the wall over this virus, and in spades. They can’t lie their way out of that.

        I’ve been perusing your blog and I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!

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