Racist People Are Slick

(Photo: The Blue Diamond Gallery)

When it comes to doing or saying racist things, racist people are really slick when trying to find ways to work their way around the rules that say they shouldn’t be doing it.

I saw a tweet saying we should talk more about Robert Downey, Jr. wearing blackface in the movie, Tropic Thunder. People were replying to the tweet, defending him wearing blackface saying he did it to “spread awareness of how white people get movie roles that are really for black people”. The sad part is, it was mostly black people defending him. That’s kind of the same thing Drake said when he was exposed for wearing blackface. He said, “The photos represented how black people were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment”.

And we also heard of the many stories of nonblack people wearing blackface as a “Halloween costume”.

If people really understood the true history behind blackface and really cared about black people, NO ONE would wear it. FOR ANY REASON. Nonblack people think that because it’s for “racial awareness”, it gives them a pass to wear it. They think that because it’s “just a Halloween costume” that it gives them a pass to wear it.

When we say we don’t want to see anyone wearing blackface anymore, WE MEAN IT! WE DON’T WANT TO SEE BLACKFACE ANYMORE! There are literally TONS of other ways to bring awareness to black issues than wearing blackface! There are literally TONS of other costumes you can wear for Halloween! If you choose to wear blackface for any reason, you are racist and you hate black people. Plain and simple. There’s literally ZERO reason for anyone to wear blackface. ZERO!

Another example is them saying nigga/nigger. I remember Gina Rodriguez rapping along to “Ready or Not” by The Fugees and she said nigga since it was part of the lyrics. I also remember a comment I saw on YouTube years ago where a nonblack person commented some lyrics to Dej Loaf’s song, “Try Me”, and mentioned nigga. They think they’re slick to say nigga because the word is in lyrics to a song. They also try to use the excuse that they “have black friends” to give themselves a pass to say it. When we say we don’t want nonblack people saying nigga, WE MEAN IT! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR NONBLACK PEOPLE SAYING NIGGA! And just like with Robert Downey, Jr., black people defended these people because “it’s just a song”.

Slave movies is another. For years, I’ve heard many black people, including myself, talk about how they’re tired of seeing slave movies get released every year. We’re also tired of seeing Civil Rights movies. We’re tired of seeing our people beaten, killed, and oppressed as entertainment. Instead of NOT putting out a slave movie, they’ll put one out about us “fighting back”, like Birth of a Nation or Django Unchained. They think they get a pass to put out slave movies because it depicts us fighting back instead of being victims, but a slave movie is a slave movie, regardless of if they show us “fighting back” or not.

Hollywood had plenty of chances to put out a movie about slaves fighting back and they rarely if ever have done it. When we say we don’t want to see anymore slave movies, WE MEAN IT! WE DON’T WANT TO SEE ANYMORE SLAVE MOVIES! If you want to learn about slavery, there’s tons of books and online articles about it. There’s no need to keep making these movies every year!

Again, black people defend these movies and try to shame their own people to go see them because it’s finally a movie about “fighting back”.

I’ve also noticed how some TV shows, movies, comedy specials, and cartoons would say racist things, but try to pass it off as if it’s a “joke”. Shows like Family Guy and South Park. People defend their racist jokes by saying they “make fun of everyone”. This is just another attempt of them being slick. They think because it’s “just a joke” and they “talk about everyone” that it gives them a pass. NO! When we say we don’t want to hear racist remarks or portrayals, WE MEAN IT! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR RACIST REMARKS OR PORTRAYALS! Call us “sensitive”. We don’t care! We mean what we say!

Black people, STOP defending these people for doing and saying racist things! Racist people are fully aware of the rules we have set and demanded against their racism. This is them trying to find loopholes around what we say. That’s what they always do. Stop giving them passes. They know they’re not supposed to be saying/doing it, but they want to do it anyway, so they look for excuses. Don’t be fooled. Don’t fall for their game. They just think they’re slick.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

One thought on “Racist People Are Slick”

  1. The problem is with liberal whites, who I cannot stand. They are so racist, relate to non-whites as victim pets. They think requiring an ID to vote is racist because Blacks are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID, like take the bus or drive to the DMV and show their proof of identity. These are the most vile people, and now they are brainwashing kids in school to see black people as victims who need continous coddling and lower standars, such as their own ebonics ditionary. They think policing is racist because blacks in their minds are prone to violence, thuggery and drug use. This is only true for about 10% of black MEN who commit 90% of all the crime; and instead of keeping the animals locked up, they release them to kill and terrorize more innocent black people, especially the elderly, women and law obiding black men, all while white liberals celebrate their release. Know your enemy, they are worst than the KKK, and horrible human beings who crave to be seen by the entire world as virtuous (talk about mega ego trip) at everyone else’s expense. Life in their actions evolves around them, while they pretend to love and protect the “little victim monkeys”. I am not white or black, I’m mixed, but I have a big problem with LIBTARDS. They are the ones who keep making the slave movies that keep the image of blacks in chains, being abused and never succeeding alive. I could easily join them and help my poor oppressed victim pet “cousins” and get false glory heaped upon me for my fake virtue, or I can call them out and encourage others to do the same, awful, awful people, trust me, I am married to a white conservative man and his family treats me no better than my behavior and actions deserve, and they fly confederate flags, while LIBTARDS scream racism every chance they get and support policies that are based on the idea that black people are genetically inferior, even less than apes. They are the ones who bask in their own sense of riteousness for making it a violation to give black high school students tests (again, “they” are too inferior to be able to study for and take a test in the minds of a LIBTARD). Mark my words, more racist than the KKK – democrat whites WERE the KKK and slaveholders of the day, has everyone forgot that?


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