Black People Are No Better Than White People

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard a black person say that other black people treat them so badly that they would rather hang out with white people because white people treat them so much better. Or how many black people have said other black people weren’t interested in dating them until they started dating white people.

A lot of black people like to laugh at people who say this and call them coons, but before you do that, think for a second. There’s a reason why these people feel this way. And they tell us all the time. These are genuine feelings these people feel. Black people shouldn’t treat each other so bad that our people don’t even feel comfortable and accepted by us.

We as black people are always complaining about how white people treat us. We’re always complaining about how white people negatively profile us and kill unarmed black people, which are legit reasons for us to be upset. However, in our own communities, the crimes and murders committed against each other is way higher. Black people are more likely to be hurt and/or killed by another black person way more than by a white person.

And don’t get me started on how so many black people project colorism on each other. So many of our people say, do, and think the worst about dark skinned people. We get mad about Hollywood not putting enough dark skinned people in the media in a positive and tasteful way, but a lot of times, our people are the ones who give more attention to people with lighter skin. Our people are also the main ones referring to dark skinned people as derogatory terms—“black”, “crusty”, “burnt”, etc. This way of referring to black people sounds like racist terms from white people, but white people usually aren’t the ones saying this to black people. It’s other black people! As colorist as so many black people are, if black people owned a Hollywood, they would probably erase dark skinned people out just like white Hollywood does.

A lot of black people on a regular basis look down on natural hair and refuse to wear it, but want to cry when white people say something negative about it. Or cry when they see a white woman wear an afro. Anything negative a white person says about black hair, trust me. MORE black people have said the exact same thing, if not worst. Before these current years where natural hair is now seen as more acceptable, lots of black people used to call them nappy headed and try to persuade them to straighten their hair. So many black people are upset when black people with dreads are refused jobs or prevented to graduate school, but I’ve heard black people say the worst things I’ve ever heard about dreads, sounding just like a racist white person.

Black people are online everyday trying to explain to nonblacks that they can’t say nigga, but call each other niggas all day long. When a nonblack person actually does say it, black people crumble. The Boondocks did an episode about that, titled “The S Word”, where Riley’s teacher said the word nigga and Riley acted like he was so hurt when he says nigga probably more than anybody in the whole show! And what I hate the most is a lot of us try to lie and say the word actually means “king” and comes from the Ethiopian word “negus”, but a lot of times when black people call each other niggas, nothing positive follows that in their sentence. So if the word means “king”, how come when black people say it, it isn’t always in a positive way? And if the word means king, why do we crumble so much when white people say it? It’s because we know what that word means and where it comes from and it DOESN’T mean king!

I notice that some black people online, when they see interracial couples, they use the black person’s partner turning out to be racist or their partner ending up abusing or killing them as an excuse to turn other black people away from interracial dating, but both black men and black women are more likely to be abused, hurt, and killed by each other than in interracial relationships.

Black people get angry when white businesses turn them away because of their names, yet in the next breath, make fun of another black person’s name, calling their names “ghetto”.

What’s sad is all this antiblackness that black people push on each other gets passed down to their children. And we have the nerve to act shocked when a black child says they feel ugly because they’re dark skinned or a 4 year old black girl throws a fit because her hair isn’t straight.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t say or do anything about white people who disrespect, abuse, and kill us. I’m saying that we should treat each other better! We can’t cry about how racist people treat us, then turn around and treat each other the exact same way. It doesn’t work that way!

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

8 thoughts on “Black People Are No Better Than White People”

  1. One thing I would like to mention as well is that we have cursed ourselves as black people when we fought for desegregation. Malcolm X, Louis X and Elijah Muhammad knew that when we were marching and protesting for segregation to end that it wasn’t a good idea because we were forcing ourselves to live amongst people who are evil and inhumane and people who wants to get rid of us. When we fought for desegregation to happen that was the beginning of it all and the reason we are in this situation that we keep finding ourselves in all of the time when it comes to racism and mistreatment and the rest. If we could be separated again so that we can’t go into white areas/communities ever again and not to ever fight for segregation/separatism to ever end again that would be perfect. I would vote for that to happen again without hesitation so that all of this nonsense that is going on here in america could stop and get better. Amen!

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      1. I know right, I have to admit that I am proud of us as black people that we are not people who wants a race war to start while the racist white people are desperate and are wanting for one to start. I do see and look at the White People who are racist as The Devil’s Children because of them being extreme with their racism. We are not people who are desperate with showing our hate for them because we don’t go around vandalizing buildings and such and putting something hateful on them telling them to go back to Europe and things like that, we don’t go out on Halloween wearing white face to ridicule them, we don’t hold hate-filled and racist rallies, we don’t put burning crosses on people’s properties to target and terrorize them, we don’t hang nooses around and in places to threaten and terrorize people, we don’t have flags that stands for hate and not heritage because of a certain race that we hate, we are not people who glorifies racism and mistreatment and that don’t find nothing wrong with it, we are not people who wears all sorts of apparel that is racist and offensive like when racist white people would wear a shirt or whatever that has the slogan “The South Shall Rise Again” on it along with the Confederate Flag on it as well, we are not people who bombs and sets churches on fire, we are not people who be wanting to target and kill people of other races because of the fear of genocide, we are not people who wants a race war to start but for us to be in peace and to be treated with fairness and respect because of it being a nonsense crime for being black in america, we are not people who have stolen land(s) from another race of people and made sure that we almost wiped out that race in order to steal that land and make it our own, we are not people who be telling people of other races to go back to their home countries as if we haven’t came from somewhere ourselves. It is a whole lot of evil things that racist white people do that makes them The Devil’s Children.

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  2. This post is excellent and well put and detailed and is nothing but the truth! One thing I would like to mention is that I have realized for quite some time now that there are people of other non-white races who are the same as racist white people whether these people are Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners and others who I see as being non-white people who are in love with white racism when it is shown and done to us as black people. These people would post the same exact hateful, heartless and racist comments that is similar to the comments that the racist white people would post about us and it is hilarious to me because when these people would show support for white racism despite the fact that racist white people like the KKK, White Supremacists, White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis don’t like and hates their races too just as much as how those hate organizations/people don’t like and hates us as black people and other people of african descent as a whole and that these racist white people wants us all gone from off of the earth as non-white people/races but I believe that those non-white people who are in love with white racism will never believe that fact of course while that fact is all over the internet to read.

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  3. I agree, but the sad fact of the matter is, many of us had to deal with these issues as children. My mother had a colorism problem. She treated me and my middle sister differently from our baby sister simply because my baby sister was lighter. If Black children were taught to love their natural hair from childhood, maybe we would not have been so quick to hate it as we grew older. My mother made us hate our hair texture because she did not try to tame it before she raked a comb through it, thus making us cry out over just having our hair combed after washing it. We hated ‘hair’ day. She was the one who introduced us to the straightening comb and then the relaxer. She sent me to the hair salon before I even left middle school. My mother called us the ‘N’ word on a daily basis. I can hear her now. “Ya’ll n****rs! Dinner is ready!” But when she was talking to a white person, her entire demeanor changed from when she would talk to us. Children pick up on that mess and take it with them through life. That is why our formative years are so important because they play a huge role all throughout our lifetime.

    So, I do understand why the problems still exist, not all of them, but some are from childhood.

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