The ongoing trend on the internet is black people calling racist white women “Karen”. Every time a story of a white woman caught on video harassing a black person goes viral, black people call them that.

A white woman will call the police on a black child just for selling water. Black people will go: “😂😂😂😂 Karen!”

A white woman will harass a black man or woman trying to enter THEIR OWN HOME. Black people will go: “😂😂😂😂 Karen!”

A white woman will harass a black man or woman in a store for something that’s completely not her business. Black people will go: “😂😂😂😂 Karen!”

The huge problem I have with black people calling these white women “Karen” and laughing and making memes whenever they harass a black person is, not only does it seem like we’re not taking what they’re doing seriously enough, we’re also letting them off too easily.

Also, white people for centuries have been calling our people the worst names they can think of, mainly “niggers”. But we think calling them “Karen” is cute and funny and will hurt them (knowing white people, they will act like being called Karen hurts them just so they can pretend to be victims and absolve themselves from taking accountability for their racism). Why are we calling them anything except what they are? RACIST!

I feel like if a white man did any of these things, no one would be trying to give him a cute name. They’ll be calling him all kinds of insults, as well as racist. It makes me think people don’t take racism coming from white women as seriously as they do with white men. I believe that has been going on all throughout history.

Racism from white women is glossed over a lot. People barely talk about white women’s involvement with the KKK or how they were so racist that they didn’t care that their husbands raped black women because they didn’t consider black women equal to them, or how they cheered on and watched as their husbands burned crosses on black people’s lawns or burned down whole homes, or how they yelled and screamed “nigger!” at any black person that came around them just as loud as the white men, or how they helped white men conduct horrible medical experiments on black people that made them very ill, injured, or even killed them, or how they’re always right along with the racist laws white men introduced to keep black people down like the Jim Crow laws, laws that kept black people from voting, slavery, job discrimination, and much much more. I can go on and on.

Why are so many people so easy on white women when it comes to racism? I have a feeling it probably comes from sexism and how a lot of people in society don’t take much of what any woman does seriously because they consider them weaker and inferior to men. Female pedophiles aren’t talked about as much as male pedophiles. Female child abusers aren’t talked about as much as male child abusers. Female domestic violence perpetrators aren’t talked about as much as the male ones. And so on and so forth.

Women in this society get passes for a lot of things, especially if they’re white. I also think people don’t think white women have the same power as white men, so they don’t think a white woman can hurt them in the same way a white man can.

But I have news for anyone who thinks that. Racist white women are always in close quarters with racist white men. They can easily get a black person arrested, beaten, or killed, just by lying, crying, and playing victim.

Racism from white women isn’t something to be taken lightly. Call these women out just like we should call out any racist! Stop calling these women “Karen” and start calling them what they are. RACIST! Racism isn’t a game, joke, or meme.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

8 thoughts on “Karen”

  1. I agree, We should call them “Inhuman” due to the fact that those people lack the emotions and feelings of a real human even though I have a strong feeling that calling them that word is not going to get through their thick skin as well but it is still the truth regardless of how and what those people think. I do look at people like them as looking like a human and having human features but the truth is it is a person or people who are not human(s) similar to how Superman is who looks like a man who is human but instead he is an alien from another planet. To be honest that is how I look at those White People who are like that and other people too, But that is just me though.

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  2. I get what you are saying, however, I don’t think that whites could ever be ‘hurt’ by ANY name we could come up with. In fact, they certainly don’t have a problem with being called, “racist,” either. In fact, I do believe they wear that designation as though it is a badge of honor. You have only to look around at what is going down to see that that is the case. There are no seriously derogatory terms that could ever equal what whites refer to ADOS as. We just don’t have it in us to come up with vile terms of that nature and really, even if we tried, I don”t think any word could ever be more demeaning, derogatory or hurtful than the the word, “nigger.” But the thing is see, Black people have embraced that word with enthusiasm and so that certainly does not help matters any. No other group has taken a derogatory term that the whites have used against them and accepted it, embraced it, called it a “term of endearment,” besides Black people and yet Black people claim to now “own” that word. No, they don’t. But Black people have got some serious issues and that cannot be denied and so what’s the solution? I really don’t know because we must first, collectively, realize that we have a problem and Black people are so used to calling each other “niggers,” that I don’t see that happening. And since Black people think that calling one another that word is okay and a “term of endearment,” then I can certainly see why they have no problem making jokes, laughing and having a good time with memes when it comes to ‘karens’.

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    1. Yeah. I just don’t want Black people calling them soft names. I don’t want Black people to call white people who do racist things racists or derogatory terms to hurt them. I want them to call them that to show that what they’re doing is serious and/or dangerous. I just think Karen is too light of term for these people.

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      1. I agree! ‘Karen’ is too light a name for them. I had only heard of the name recently. I had to look up what it meant because I kept hearing about “Beckys” and “Karens” and “Kens” and “Brads” and I was like, where is this coming from? I do believe that too much emphasis is placed on what comes from social media. I did not even know what a ‘meme’ was. I’d never heard of it. I’m not on social media. The only platform that I am on is WordPress and so I don’t know what everyone has made ‘ popular’ or ‘acceptable’. But, apparently, we all just jumped on the bandwagon and off to the races it is. But we must not take this mess lightly and what’s happening is no joking matter and so I get your concern.

        Great blog, btw.

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