Are Black People Gods?

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For a while, I’ve been thinking about some of the things black people say about themselves. A fellow reader of mine brought this to my attention as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of times, black people like to say things such as:

  • “Black people are God’s chosen children.”
  • “Black people are Gods.”
  • “Black people are kings and queens.”
  • “Black people are the original and first human beings on this planet.”
  • “Black people have melanin and that makes us powerful, valuable, and special.”
  • “Black people are magic” or “Black Girl Magic”.

Now, I will compare this to the things I’ve heard many black people say about white people:

  • “White people came from caves in the Caucasus mountains.”
  • “Black people taught white people how to bathe.”
  • “White people spent centuries calling black people monkeys, but they’re the ones with the rhesus monkey DNA.”
  • “White people have Neanderthal DNA.”
  • “White people force superiority over other races because they’re the ones who are inferior.”
  • “White people sleep with animals.”

One of the issues I have with black people saying these things is because if they really believe these things, why don’t they act like it? They say all these things about themselves and white people only to beg them for equality. If you’re Gods, why would you want to be equal to anyone or anything else? Why are you begging to be “equal” to a people you JUST said came from caves and you taught them to bathe?

The other issue is, and this is what my reader said, is that saying these things keeps our people living in a fantasy land, and I believe saying these things blinds them from what they’re really going through collectively. Since black people say we’re Gods and kings and queens, how is it working out for us? How is our melanin saving us? How is being God’s chosen people helping us? I think saying all these things, especially if we don’t act like we truly believe it, makes us walk around with over inflated egos and a huge chip on our shoulders because all I hear is black people brag about themselves after saying it.

Black people say all these things, then turn around and have to beg white people for jobs and representation in their media. They beg white people to put black characters in their cartoons. They beg white people to make black dolls in their doll companies. You Gods, as you claim, can’t do that yourselves? Why do you need anyone else to do that for you? They say all these things, then have to beg white people to simply see that we “matter” with these Black Lives Matter protests. Gods and kings and queens need to beg someone else to see that they “matter” just as much as anyone else? Gods have to beg a people they claim came from caves that they matter?

Black people are always begging white people to give them more Grammys, Oscars, and whatever other award they created. Gods need validation from a people they claim came from caves? Gods can’t make their own awards and give them to their people themselves?

They sit online and say anybody can be and claim to be black. How, when they claim they’re God’s chosen people? According to them, God chose a specific people. God chose THEM! If that’s the case, it’s HIGHLY insulting and stupid to say anybody can be and claim to be them. And the only time they care about how stupid that statement sounds is when they’re being replaced and erased by other people that aren’t them. They say all these things about themselves and white people, then turn around and talk like white people are better to date and marry than their own people. They say all these things while we have to live under a white owned and created government. Why don’t black people have their own government if they believe all these things?

On the other side, look at how so many black people treat themselves and each other. If black people believed they were all these kings, queens, and Gods, then why do so many black people kill each other? Why are so many black fathers walking away from their children and leaving their women to raise them on their own? Why do so many black children get abused by their parents? Why are so many black men raping their women? Why are so many black people hooked on drugs and alcohol? Why are so many black people living in poverty? Why are there so many missing black children? Why can’t we stop our children from going missing?

Why do so many black people bleach their skin? I thought they said melanin was powerful. If it’s so powerful, why are so many of them trying to erase it? Why do so many of them make fun of and look down on dark skinned people? If melanin is powerful, why aren’t the darkest people amongst us celebrated by black people instead of the lightest people amongst us? Why do so many of them feel the need to bleach their skin like that and straighten their hair to fit in with the rest of the world if they are the original people of the earth? Why do they feel the need to look like people that aren’t?

Every time black people are criticized for something, they say, “White people do it, too.” But if they claim to be Gods or God’s chosen people and they claim that white people came from caves, that’s pretty much the point. They aren’t supposed to be doing ANYTHING that white people do, if that’s the case. Doing any of those things is bad when anybody does it, but if black people claim they’re Gods or God’s chosen people and they do any of these things, it’s WAY WORST!

Black people are also always complaining about how other races of people appropriate their culture and benefit off of it in ways that they can’t themselves. If black people are all these kings, queens, and Gods, why don’t they have the power to stop them? Black people are always complaining about police officers beating and killing unarmed black people. Why don’t we have the power to stop them? Why is it happening at all? If black people are Gods, kings, and queens, how did they allow people who they claim came from caves and haven’t been on this planet as long as them have so much power over them? How did we allow them to take our power?

I believe black people only say these things because they collectively have severe low self esteem, and like I’ve said several times on my blog, and I will most likely be saying it lots more, that low self esteem is due to a centuries long battle with slavery and oppression. And like I said earlier, saying these things keeps our people living in a fantasy. We say these things because we want to feel better about ourselves and what we’re going through. If we tell ourselves we’re Gods, kings, and queens, we can live in a world where we’re these powerful and special beings. But in real life, many of our people are going through hell. If black people actually believed these things they say about themselves and white people, NONE of the things our people are going through would be going on at all and they definitely wouldn’t be kissing up to and begging white people the way they do.

Get out of the fantasy world! Black people are not Gods, God’s chosen people, kings, or queens. They are REGULAR HUMAN BEINGS!

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

19 thoughts on “Are Black People Gods?”

  1. Bill Ziegler is correct when he mentioned how we are called “Traitors” when we would kneel at the football games to show how wrong things are here in America when it comes to wrong things like racism, The White People who are the bad ones and the evil ones acts as if the word “Traitor” never applies to them whatsoever and of course the white people who are like that are the ones who loves and who worships the “Confederate Flag” while that flag is a flag that traitors have created and it is a “Loser Flag” as well because of them losing the war against the union during The Civil War but of course those people don’t care about none of that because of them knowing what that flag stands for and that is all that matters to them. Since those people are The Devil we are going to be looked at no matter what as being wrong and doing wrong and it doesn’t matter if it is us protesting wanting for positive and good changes to happen here in America and when we would kneel at the football games and such to show how wrong racism is here in America and for it to be addressed and fixed but no we are seen as doing something that is wrong all of the time but that is The Devil though and The Devil never ever wants to see things being done and getting done that is the same things that God would like and would want to see get done and fixed. The Devil is going to be there all of the time to oppose us no matter what when it comes to us wanting for evil things like racism to end which is something that is of him and something that he has created. A Native American Chief named “Black Hawk” said that the white people who are bad thinks, sees and looks at right as being wrong and wrong as being right which is nothing but the truth and a fact. 2020 has shown us a whole lot of bad things that we need to remember once 2020 has ended.

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    1. Thank you, MJ, I appreciate the kind words. There we’re three segments of people in the Civil War: the two white warmonger parties and the black slaves. Reparations were paid to the former slave owners who found themselves in a temporary economic bind. The former slaves and their descendants were the losers, as they had already been brutally exploited since 1619 and continued to be ruthlessly treated. The white participants still had plenty of opportunities to continue the exploitation of ADOS who became easy targets in the wording of the 13th Amendment, the topic of my most recent blog entry actually — an exception clause, the evil devil in the details. Also, every treaty signed with the myriad indigenous tribes has been abrogated, as Black Hawk knew very well. May 2020 be a harbinger of massive change.

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      1. I agree Mr. Ziegler, That was also evil when Abraham Lincoln or The Union or both made our ancestors fight in The Civil War in order for us to become free people. I can see that happening if we as Black/African Americans came over here to America on our own which wouldn’t be right and then for them to force and change us into being slaves with mistreating us also as well and then for us to be forced to fight in and for The Union in order to become free people all because of us coming over here to America on our own but no we were stolen from Africa and bought over here against our will and degraded and also downgraded with being turned into slaves and when we were asking and wanting to become free people we were forced to fight for our freedom(The Civil War) which is the same thing that we are still doing now and it is 2020. For the bad white people who wants us to all die off and who wants all of us to go back to Africa then what I recommend for them to do is to load all of us back on to boats and even on planes and send us all back there because we didn’t want to come over here with them at all back in 1619, It was their evil ancestors who bought us all over here and we are being looked at and blamed for that like it is our fault all of the time and it is not and it never will be our fault no matter what is said. Good Points and Facts Mr. Ziegler, Keep It Up! And also Much Thanks to SparkingThoughts as well because I appreciate all of the kindness, It means a lot to me! 😉


  2. Thank you for the intriguing post, SparkingThoughts. Thank you for this insightful blog.
    ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) are witnesses to an extraordinary 401 years, a uniquely oppressed people in this land of the freebrave. The collective recipients of PTSD. ADOS blacks have been denied ties to Africa, an incomparably rich and diverse continent interlacing tapestry of cultures denied to every cargo load that docked here from 1619 forward. The only surviving documents for those stolen families are shipping manifests, and few of those have survived to the present. Breaking their spirits began a centuries-long history of vile degradation at the hands of the whites who have benefitted from systemic white supremacy from the day they were born — an unearned birthright for whites, an exceptional denial by a country that deems itself exceptional among all other countries on the planet. Eras of US history only widened the gulf between privileged whites and the ADOS left homeless in 1865.
    How do you make reparation for a people who singlehandedly made it possible for the US to move from an agrarian to an industrial economic power? This is a superpower that offers little to ADOS. “Mistakes were made, get over it already.” Mistakes — a genteel way to apply centuries of whitewash, to breed generations of apologists who pledge an understanding of American Exceptionalism: one soundbite at a time. Remember the Alamo, remember to acknowledge that “mistakes” were made, that our destiny was manifest (ship manifests for stolen Africans) from the first mistold Thanksgiving to the NFL of the USA football games in November that marks a moment when colonialists and savages broke bread. Taking a knee, is it the act of a traitor? Are BLM protestors exceptionally criminal sorts who threaten godfearing lovers of Law and Order? The obeisance of obedience?

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  3. There are some things I forgot to mention as well and the number one thing is that we shouldn’t be calling ourselves God’s Chosen People or Children at all because number one a whole lot of us don’t act nothing like people that is of God with us hating each other, killing each other, robbing and stealing cars and other things that I didn’t mention too that a lot of us do a whole lot and to be honest that is shameful and disgraceful to God and to God’s name, We need to stop calling ourselves that because it is the same as when the bad and evil white people would call their race superior and our race inferior and it is a fact that there is no race, people or even one person that is perfect on this planet because we all have sin in us and with that being said no one and no race will never be superior or perfect ever. There is a whole lot of people(Ignorant People) who talks and sounds like their IQ is a 0 or a 0- with pointing fingers at another race acting like that one specific race is bad and terrible out of all races on this planet and it doesn’t matter if that race is Black, White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian or Native American while the truth is all of the races on this earth has flaws all because of sin and the bad and evil people that is in all of the different races while there are people who thinks that their race is 100% innocent, perfect, non-violent, blameless, angels and other things that is positive, pure and proper. And I agree that we shouldn’t ever call ourselves Kings and Queens because people who are kings and queens are people who are in total control and who wouldn’t let no one step all over them no matter what and it wouldn’t matter what the case or what the challenge is and when we call ourselves Gods that right there is a total joke because a God is 1 Billion or 1 Trillion times better than a King and a Queen and a God is powerful, invincible and unstoppable and we don’t act like neither one of those three kinds of amazing people at all. I agree we are regular human beings and regular acting human beings. We need to stop acting and being egotistical and narcissistic like a person or people like Donald Trump as soon as possible if we can. 😂🙏

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      1. You are so right and No problem at all, I laugh all of the time at people who thinks that our or their race is all perfect while it is not and never will be.

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  4. @mysparklingthoughts
    Thank you!!!! This blog was greatly put together. Too be honest all of this melanin, gods, goddess, queens, kings, Nubians, Afro texture hair is magical & etc spread from the black conscious community. When you look at the black conscious community they are usually history classes on ancient Black African history on what we built in the past but we don’t have nothing to show for it today. Also the metaphysics they talk about sounds like fantasy land because it’s not helping us out either. All we do as a people is brag & complain but refuse to put in the work to build our communities. We are a laughing joke to other races.

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    1. @mysparkling thoughts
      This post is also similar on when black men brag about being love by all race of women but yet are the most powerless men on the planet. Black men brag about building ancient African Kingdoms but have nothing to show for it today. Black men aren’t completing with other races of men but rather complete with black women. Black men claim they are the most feared & envy men on this planet but the most feared & envy men are non black men because they are the ones in power & control everything.


  5. 100% Accurate and Well Put and Detailed! All Facts! That is one thing I don’t understand as well is when we would get mad and bent out of shape when a racist and inhuman white police officer would gun one of us down or would end up doing something else to kill one of us and then we would go out there and protest and shout out “Black Lives Matter” but to each other(Not all of us) our lives don’t matter at all because we act as if we are on a mission to help the racist people here in America with getting rid of each other because those people are wishing all of the time for all of us to perish because that is one of the reasons that all of those evil people were out there protesting wanting for all of the states to re-open because of all of them hearing on the news and such that the Coronavirus was infecting and killing us at a terrible rate than all of the other races and those evil people were out there as well with Confederate Flags, Nooses and Swastika Flags and stuff as well and people was wondering how did the Coronavirus Pandemic turn into a race thing here in America, I have said it all right there, That is the answer and that is the reason it turned into a race thing/problem, Those people wanted the states to re-open so that we would have no choice but to go back to work again and so that we could end up getting infected with the virus and to die off much quicker. Those people want us all dead and a whole lot of us are doing the work for them(The Devil Himself), It is terrible! I agree we are people who have low self-esteem because we would get all upset and mad when a white person would call us whatever racial slur that is created and we would act as if we are going to commit suicide or would act as if we are going to lose our minds when we are called a hateful slur, It is pathetic and sad to be honest. I have to admit as well that I will never understand the black people that is not going to vote for Joe Biden but instead these black people would complain and whine about all of the racism that is going on and about how extreme it has gotten under Trump but instead those ones of us who are like that are refusing to bring about a positive change so that it won’t be extreme, terrible and chaotic like this ever again and with that being said the black people who are like that needs to shut up as soon as possible because it doesn’t make no kind of sense whatsoever. One other thing too is that I do look at almost all of the black men who has to date and who has to have sex with a white woman like their lives depend on it as having low self-esteem too but of course I don’t look at the black men who are not into white women at all as having low self-esteem to be honest. Another thing I have seen and heard is that Al Sharpton said and recommended that we should work on ourselves as black people with getting rid of the problems and issues that we have with each other first and then after that is fixed then we can focus on all of the racism that is going on all of the time and to be honest I agree with him on that one. Great Post, Keep It Up! =)

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      1. I know right, I understand and I agree! Your blog is the best there is! You put out some perfect and insightful details and information. =)

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