Do Most Black People Only Love Conscious People When They Are Dead Or In Prison?

This is very disturbing to me, but I have been wondering about this for a while. I feel like most black people only love conscious Pro-Black people after they have died or gone to prison. And I feel like that because of how I see most black people treating conscious black people.

I hear lots of black people talking about how much they love Huey from The Boondocks and wished there were more people like him in the world or praise the likes of people like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. But when it’s our people living today that talk about conscious Pro-Black stuff, so many of our people dismiss them, calling them “hotep” or some other name they come up with. And if Huey from The Boondocks actually existed, NO ONE would listen to him! Just like it’s depicted in the cartoon!

I often find myself wondering how us black people are still acting so lost when we had so many people fighting for us and teaching us how to empower ourselves throughout history. I now believe this is why. Our people don’t listen to these people for real. If our people actually did listen, we wouldn’t be complaining about as much things as we do now.

So many people throughout history have told us the real deal about this country and how we need to unify, love ourselves, stop begging white people for everything and start doing things for ourselves if we want to really free ourselves from white supremacy. But from the looks of our people today, we haven’t applied what they taught us very well.

I’ve seen lots of our people talk about conscious people who are still alive that say these things and people dismiss them as being “agents” because they’re not dead or in prison. I’ve literally heard people say that. It seems like our people are so traumatized by our leaders getting murdered and imprisoned that we don’t even consider anyone a leader unless they have been murdered or imprisoned.

Just because someone hasn’t been murdered or imprisoned when they’re speaking on the real doesn’t always mean that they aren’t telling the truth. We still need to listen. Maybe the reason why they haven’t been murdered or imprisoned is because most people aren’t listening to them. The Powers That Be don’t see them as a threat because they see how so many people are dismissing them or simply don’t know about them at all.

Our people only love and praise these people after they have died, gone to prison, or are fictional. And then after that, we STILL don’t listen to them. It’s so sad. That’s exactly what The Powers That Be want. They want us to love the conscious people who are dead, in prison or fictional because they aren’t/no longer a threat. If we listen to the ones who are real, free, and alive, that would be threatening and might actually make real change.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

7 thoughts on “Do Most Black People Only Love Conscious People When They Are Dead Or In Prison?”

  1. I hear you, but as far as I am concerned, Black people are a lost cause. It does not matter how ‘woke’ some of us are or how much we try and get the message out there, Black people, for the most part, are not listening and they never will. Just as what is happening in Africa, the same is happening here in America. And even though our bloodline over here is so weak as it relates to African blood flowing through our veins, we are just as self-destructive as the Africans on the continent are. There is no hope for them and there is no hope for us, hence why I hardly ever blog anymore. There is no point. You can’t wake the willful dead. They want to remain that way and so be it.

    But great post. And as you can see, hardly anyone will take heed of it. More’s the pity.

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  2. Great post!!!! We have a mindset of a child always complaining, constantly repeating the same mistakes, waiting for a black messiah to save us, looking for white validation and etc. Most of our people are mentally damage beyond repaired there minds are program & set for destruction. The same message the black leaders were stating back then is the same message everyday black people are stating now. In my opinion, like minded black people are going to have too unit with each other to actually build for the community. Our people need to actually see work being done in the community an not just talk. Fear is another problem our people face especially when a black leader have been killed or imprisonment. We need to stop waiting for a black leader but lead ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically if we want change. We’re going to have too change our mindset as a collective & as individuals. Black people have step away from listening to black leaders because they talk black but sleep white. How can you be for your people but you’re sleeping with your oppressor. Some of the black leaders have come across as being frauds to the people.

    P.S. we need to accept that some or most of our people are mentally gone that it’s no point of saving them.

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