Is Interracial Dating Abuse Being Swept Under The Rug?

A reader of mine brought to my attention that interracial dating isn’t always sunshine and rainbows like some black people make it seem like. I didn’t really know what to say about this. But this video I found on YouTube, which I will share at the end of this post, is perfect for what I needed to say here.

This video highlighted a story of a black woman finally coming forward about the abuse she suffered from her nonblack husband. The focus of the video is that nowadays, interracial dating is more promoted and glorified like they’re better than black relationships, but in a lot of those relationships, the black partner is dealing with abuse. And I’ve heard many stories about black people dealing with racism from their nonblack partner’s family or the nonblack partners themselves.

Now, I’m not using this video to discourage people from dating interracially. Because I’ve heard many stories about black women talking about the abuse they suffered from black men and vice versa. So in a lot of cases, black relationships aren’t always better either.

I honestly don’t really care about interracial dating to be honest. I just don’t like how black people are always so loud about the abuse they endure from each other. They can’t wait to share a story about a black man abusing a black woman or a black woman killing a black man and use these stories as an excuse to promote interracial dating, but when stories of racism, abuse, and murder happen with interracial couples, no one is saying anything because it goes against their agenda.

I want black people to start treating each other better. And I don’t want black people glorifying interracial relationships like they’re any better because in a lot of cases, they’re not. Check out the video below if you like and let me know what you think of it.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

8 thoughts on “Is Interracial Dating Abuse Being Swept Under The Rug?”

  1. @mysparklingthoughts
    Our people have a child like mind mentality that always like to brag & want attention but overlook the bigger issue. This is how we are preyed upon for other to take advantage of our weakness.

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  2. @mysparklingthoughts
    Thanks again!!!! Not only do black men & women who are in these interracial relationships suffer their biracial children do as well. I have heard stories from biracial people of having a non black parent who are racist toward black people & mistreat their biracial child as well. These interracial relationships that our people are involved in is not out of love but from a place of brokenness & validation.

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      1. @mysparklingthought

        This is off topic from your post but I have notice people are riding on a low frequency level. I notice when I listen to r&b music especially love songs on YouTube the comments are just sad. People always leaving sexual comments like “baby making music”, how much p***y they got from the song, & etc. I think it’s just sad how low people mentality have become.

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      2. @mysparkingthoughts
        Black Love, Black Love, Black Love!!!
        We all should know that loving your own people is a natural instinct, but I think it’s embarrassing when you have too constantly make it a public announcement to the world. We are the only race that does this public announcements for Black Love. Other races doesn’t have to pander too their own people when dating & loving their own race because it’s a natural instinct. Yes, years of oppression have lower the self esteem of black people but we air our dysfunction out to the world too much. We are already living in a bad state when black people in general get hyped up seeing a famous dark skin black man with a dark skin black woman who isn’t mixed. It’s bad when dark skin black men have to make a public announcement telling black women mostly dark skin black women you’re beautiful.. It’s bad when you have black women & men making statements that black women are the most unprotected women on the planet. It speaks value on black men not protecting his community . It’s bad when the world see that black men can’t stand up as men to protect them themselves as men because they live in fear or fear the consequences that will happen to them as men.
        Furthermore what really annoys me is our people get hyped up when they see a celebrity black males usually an athletes give back to the black community which usually be a turkey drive, toy drive, back to school drive, building a recreation center, & donating money as a great accomplishment. I look at it as publicity & tax write off. This is below the bare minimum because it should be a natural instinct for black men to be building for there communities. Furthermore why not build jobs in the community to bring in revenue to the community.
        The question of the day is where is the black love.

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      3. Yes! Very, very true, yet very sad. Black people really have issues. I hadn’t thought about black people speaking so much about black love. Now that you brought it up, it seems very clear to me. It shows how bad things are in our community. And yes, I always look at most black celebrities “giving back” is for publicity or write offs. They don’t care struggling people.


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