Black People Being Desperate For Oscars

List of black actors who have won Academy Awards mostly for derogatory or stereotypical roles

Many of us have noticed over the course of many years that black actors win Oscars or Academy Awards mostly for bad roles, like playing slaves or maids. Lots of black people used to speak out and against that. But some would say, “You’re just being negative! Just be happy for them!”

When I started hearing people say that, I realized that some black people don’t even care that black actors have to mostly play derogatory roles in order to win these awards. That’s how desperate some black people are to see black actors win these awards.

It’s already bad enough that very few black actors have won Oscars in movies no matter how good their performance is compared to how many white people win. So I understand why some people don’t care anymore. I guess some of us just want to see our actors win that badly. But I think we should never be that desperate to see our people win these awards!

Viola Davis would’ve never gotten an Oscar or the amount of fame she has now had she not played a maid. It had to take Lupita Nyong’o to not only play a slave, but get whipped stark naked in a movie to win hers and get the amount of fame she has today.

She would have never gotten called Most Beautiful Woman by People magazine in 2014 had she not done that role. Not to say that she doesn’t deserve to be named that because she is very beautiful. But I have to be honest, her playing that slave role is the only reason she got that accolade. Viola and Lupita are only two of many more examples out there of this.

If black actors barely win these awards and when they do, they most likely have to play a derogatory role, it’s pretty obvious that these award shows are racist. And if they’re racist, we shouldn’t want them anyway. Why do our people want these racist awards so badly?

Every year the Oscars comes around, I hear the same complaints from black people about how little or no black people are even nominated, let alone win. As long as this has been going on with these award shows, why aren’t we tired enough of complaining about the same things about these shows to want to leave them alone and abandon them? Our lack of support of these award shows is more powerful than our constant complaining, yet continuing to support them and watch them every year.

There’s lots of black award shows out there that award black people. Why don’t we feel as strongly about those as we do about the Oscars?

I think black people should’ve forgotten about and boycotted these awards a long time ago. They clearly don’t want to give them to black people. And, to be honest, they shouldn’t have to because they created the awards. They can give them to whoever they want. Are we afraid of boycotting and forgetting about these award shows?

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

16 thoughts on “Black People Being Desperate For Oscars”

  1. I agree. Race mixing is definitely treason and causes confusion. Black people are always arguing about whether a mixed person is black or not, but no one argues about whether or not a full black person is black…because they already know they’re black! Black people argue about mixed people because they’re confused and don’t know what they are. No one argues about whether an Asian person is Asian or if a white person is white or if a Hispanic person is Hispanic. They only do that with mixed people. Black people only call them black because they want to claim them. Other races of people call them black because they don’t want to claim anything that has black in it. Like you said, every other race can play the one drop rule game, except black people. A black person could never have one ounce of white in them and try to “identify as” for white or any other race. They’ll have them on Dr. Phil, calling them delusional real quick! I believe race mixing is also treason, especially with white people, due to the history they have of doing what they did to our race and continue to do. I don’t know why black people want to procreate with them so badly after all they have done to our race throughout history. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed something was strange about the universe. I noticed time moving faster and the weather changing, but I thought it was all inside my head. There is definitely something going on. I hope black people wake up and realize that race mixing is wrong and stop promoting it, but by the way things are now, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.


    1. @mysparklingthoughts
      I agree with your statement 100%.

      Here another topic I find very interesting as well African American professional male athletes playing the coon role in advertisement or sports in general. There’s a Subway commercial of ex-nfl player Marshawn Lynch being roll down the streets inside a big tire. A couple of years ago it was a commercial of boxer Floyd Mayweather playing a ignorant athlete trying to figure out how to use a laptop. Are the commercial that had a professional nba player wearing a dress. You will never see white media putting any white male athletes in a coon position because little white boys look up to them.

      Marshawn Lynch is a good athlete but a lot of his attention comes from him playing a coon & his vulgar language that comes out his mouth. He doesn’t play football anymore but the sports world & other companies love using him to sale. The world isn’t laughing with him but at him.

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    2. “ Arrested Development: A psychosocial condition in which one is “stuck” within an early stage of mental/emotional/social development resulting in hindered maturation.”
      Too many black adults are living in a child like state of mind. We argue with one another of childish things, we are easily influence without thinking for ourselves, we’re so in love with materialistic items & etc. We have too many adult black men & women that are broken refusing to date each because of fail past relationships, rejections, jealousy & etc. The latest trend now is black women divesting from black men. We have already seen the results when black men divest from black women and there outcome haven’t been great. The same fate will be the same for black women because both black men & women are behaving in ways which comes from brokenness.

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  2. Mixed people are always trying to pull that card about black people telling them they’re not black enough. They make black people seem like the bad guys for saying that, but we’re actually telling the truth. They really aren’t black enough! You pointed out a DNA test said Vanessa Williams was 44% white. That’s the literal definition of not being black enough. A lot of mixed people are less than 50% black, but want to act like they’re just as black as full black people. They want to “identify as” black and ease into our spaces and take spaces from us that rarely if ever go to full black people. They need their own spaces, separate from ours. They are bi/multiracial people. They aren’t black in the same way a full black person is. You can literally look at most of them and see it, but people love to act obtuse about it. I’m sorry she felt bad about it, but truth is truth and sometimes the truth hurts and is hard to accept.


    1. @mysparklingthoughts

      I strongly believe race mixing is treason & causing more confusion within our race. If Black Africans are the true humans then these other races are sub-human. Again biracial’s & multi-mix generations of African descendants aren’t black. The one drop rule needs be drop, because every other outsiders can play the one drop rule game but a actually black African can’t play the mix one drop rule game. If these outsiders were curse the day they were created then breeding with them isn’t helping our situation it’s leading us to hell. I strongly believe it’s going to be a rude awakening for a lot of our people who procreated with outsiders. Once the truth be reveal hell is about to break loose. I strongly believe most African Americans don’t have European or non black African bloodline trace in them. The reason why I say this is because if the slave owners , overseers , & black female or male slaves would had a high count of sexual transmitted diseases on those plantations. Some African Americans might have non black African bloodline but not all.

      Something just don’t feel right within the universe I mean on a spiritual level as well. Time is going by more faster, the climate change doesn’t feel right, and society in general is off.

      P.S. If Black African are the only spiritual people with the universe then these others are pure evil. Also in every other non black African race they have a derogatory terms describing black Africans. This tell you how the world & non black Africans view us as a people.

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  3. @mysparklingthoughts

    I would like to here your opinion on this article about Vanessa Williams experience of racism from whites & colorism from blacks.

    “ Williams faced potential danger from those who believed she deserved to die for threatening white supremacy. “I had death threats. I had sharpshooters when I did my homecoming parade. There were sharpshooters on the top of roofs of my hometown, just because of the threat, the threats that were, you know, against me because of who I was.”

    She was also met with negative feedback from those who thought her light skin and light eyes weren’t Black enough to truly make a difference. “The people that are crazy and want to kill you and your family that’s one thing but it was like my own, my own people,” she said. ”

    It was wrong to experience this treatment from both sides but in the end her biggest supporters were black people throughout her career. Vanessa Williams is a attractive woman but whites have always made the choice of picking a biracial or light skinned black over a dark skinned black person because they look more closer to whiteness. Vanessa Williams did a DNA test and she’s 44% white. Her parents are mixed generation of African descendants people that kept breeding with other mixed generations African descendants. So technically she really not black but multi-racial.

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  4. @MJ

    The only time non black people want to unite with black people is when it benefit them as a whole. Once they get what they want from us, its back to hating us.


  5. @mysparklingthoughts
    When whites profit off of Black Death. When black celebrities died white media will drag their death until they get as much profit off of it as possible but when a white celebrity died they don’t disrespect the person in death they pay there respect and let the family grieve in private. Look how white media made a profit off of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hustle, Muhammad Ali and etc making money off their death but when a white celebrities like Sean Connery, Larry King and etc dies the media don’t drag their death. Also the media plays on black people emotions when black celebrities pass away.

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  6. It’s all for white validation & acceptance which is most important to black people. Blacks people refuse to build for our communities ,we wither chase the illusion of white validation & acceptance. Black people complain all day by not being validated or accepted by non white people.

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      1. @mysparklingthoughts
        I’m sick of it too. You probably already heard about non black Hispanic female singer Dani Leight with the song Yella Bone anger a lot of black people. They say she was dissing the black male rapper Da Baby dark skin ex-girlfriend/babymama. This is what happen when we consider everyone & their mama black. The one drop rule needs to be drop. Dani Leight have been black fishing as a biracial woman using simple minded blacks people to profit off of black culture music. Every race on this planet can use black people but black people. Black people value non blacks people of color so much that they don’t see any value in themselves.

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    1. I agree Shanequa, I wish that we could stop chasing after White People’s validation and acceptance because it looks embarrassing. White People are the number one race of people who are ALWAYS giving us problems and that will never end with them and I wish that people could stop talking about AmeriKKKa uniting because that will never happen because there is some white people who don’t like us and who don’t ever want to unite with us and then there is some of us who will never like white people the same and who doesn’t ever want to unite with them so all of this talk about uniting AmeriKKKa is a big joke. We all need to remember when they joked on Rodney King about wanting for us and them to all get along but now they are talking about wanting to unite this country like that is going to happen. We need to start loving each other and to start seeking validation and acceptance from our own and not them ever. If only this was a world where dreams like that and similar could come true easily or in a instant, That is what makes dreaming something that can cause side effects which is sadness and disappointment. 😢

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