Are People Actually Upset That Child Abuse Is Outlawed?

“They need to bring back whoopin yo kids ass!”

I hear people say this so much. People say this like everybody stopped whipping their kids. People DIDN’T stop. INCLUDING the ones who say this! Why would people ask to “bring back” something they never stopped doing? What do they really want to bring back? Child abuse? PUNCHING their kids? Hitting their kids with hard objects? This is exactly what a lot of people were doing to their kids and more before it was outlawed.

A lot of people say things and don’t realize what they’re saying. This is exactly what it sounds like to me— that people really want to bring back child abuse—when they say that.

I also think people know of and heard of all the studies that came out speaking against whipping and yelling at children and exposed the negative effects of it, but they don’t want to stop doing it. They want to go back to when scientists and psychologists weren’t studying that so much and exposing it so they can go back to doing it in peace.

I am anti hitting kids as discipline. I never understood why it was necessary. Whipping children with belts is one thing, but why do some people think they need to hit their children with something worst than that? Why is it so hard for people to discipline their kids without yelling or hitting them? People have to hit and yell at their kids to “discipline” them like they’re wild animals.

If anything, the constant whipping and yelling is more than likely why the kids are acting up. The studies said that—whipping children causes behavior problems, amongst many other things, but people who like doing that didn’t listen.

I’ve noticed that whenever people see a video of a child acting horribly online, they say, “This is why we whoop our kids!” But why do these people automatically assume that the child isn’t getting whipped by their parents? They don’t know that child or their parents personally.

Also, I’ve seen tons of horrible acting children who are always getting whipped, smacked, and yelled at by their parents. These people know that, too, which is why they feel like they have to do it so much. So, a child acting badly doesn’t always mean they aren’t getting whipped. That’s just people using other bad children as an excuse to justify why they hit theirs.

Another thing I thought of is some people probably don’t think whipping their children is working as well as they thought (Studies said that, too, but again, they didn’t listen). They’re realizing that their kids are still really bad no matter how much they hit and yell at them. So, they feel like they need to up the ante and hit their kids with something more. They wish laws would let them hit their kids with more than just a belt or switch.

When people say they wish the government would bring back beating children, it makes me think that there are some people out there who are actually upset that child abuse has been outlawed and the negative effects of hitting them in any way or yelling at them has been widespread news for decades.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

8 thoughts on “Are People Actually Upset That Child Abuse Is Outlawed?”

  1. @mysparklingthoughts
    Black men & women do need to talk about the abuse they suffer in those interracial relationships but most of them want since they put non black people on a pedestal. Prime example my friend stated she’s done with black men because of bad experience with them but when she dated a non black man he did her wrong she didn’t have the same hate as she did with black men.


      1. @mysparklingthoughts
        These divesting black men & women have the same agenda only thing different are their genders.


  2. Good post!!! If child abuse was allow there would be many cases of children being murder . On top of that adults would be taking there anger & frustration out on their children.

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      1. @ mysparklingthoughts
        You are so right. This is off topic but the drama with Prince Harry’s family and his wife is very telling about interracial relationships. Megan made a statement about the family being concern, if the baby skin tone will be dark skin. These interracial relationships are tragic arrangements that are bound to lead too problems for the black person involve and the biracial child that are created in these unions. I strongly believe non black people can sense out black men & women who can be manipulated in those tragic unions . The reason why I say this is because you have black men & women who never dated are had sexual relationships with non black people. When I mean never I mean never had any sexual or dating relationships with non black people period. Now that we have so many broken black men & women divesting out to other races it’s because of brokenness & pain.. I would like to hear your opinion.

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      2. Not only do I believe black people shouldn’t be dating/marrying interracially, I think they should speak up more about the abuse and racism that happens within these relationships. Black men and women are so quick to talk about all the negatives in black on black relationships as an excuse for why they go interracial, but they are hesitant on talking about what goes on with these interracial relationships. It’s hypocrisy. As far as Harry & Megan go, I already saw all that racism coming. I knew the royal family wasn’t going to accept her and I knew a lot of racism was going to be involved. I feel like she should’ve saw it coming herself. However, I kind of think she’s lying about the royal family being concerned about how dark the child was going to be. Megan looks near white herself and Harry is full white. There’s no way they thought that baby was going to come out dark. That baby is coming to come out full white and looking like it doesn’t even have a pinch of black in it. I can see them saying that if Megan was Lupita Nyong’o’s skin color.


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