People Doing Gay Things, But Don’t Want To Identify As Gay

I remember about a year ago where Tank talked in an interview about how a man can have oral sex with another man and not be gay. I will share the video at the end of this post. But at the time, so many people were arguing and sharing how much they agreed or disagreed with his statement.

The people who agreed with his statement called the people who disagreed with his statement “homophobic” because they felt like people weren’t allowing them to explore their sexuality. Tank’s comments and these arguments made me realize that lots of people out there want to partake in homosexual acts, but don’t want to be called gay for it.

It’s not homophobic if a person calls someone else gay if they do or say a gay thing. It’s calling a spade a spade. If anyone is homophobic, it’s the people doing and saying gay things, but don’t want to admit that they’re gay. They are afraid of the label that comes with doing sexual things with the same gender. There’s a reason why they want to do gay things, but don’t want to be called gay.

And if you have to “explore your sexuality” to know whether or not you’re straight, then you’re not straight. You know if you’re straight or not! You know what you’re attracted to! You are part of LGBTQ if you feel like you have to question your sexuality. As a matter of fact, that’s what the Q in LGBTQ stands for—QUESTIONING (It also stands for QUEER). You might also be bisexual or pansexual.

If you want to explore your sexuality, fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But at least be honest with yourself about it. Don’t say you’re a straight man when you just slept with or had oral sex with another man. Or say you’re a straight woman when you just slept with or had oral sex with another woman.

It’s a shame how people try to bend the definition of words to fit what they’re doing. If you’re strictly attracted to and sleeping with the same gender as yourself, then you are gay or homosexual. If you are attracted to and sleeping with people who are the opposite gender as yourself and the same gender as yourself, you are bisexual. If you are attracted to and sleep with people who are the same gender as yourself, opposite as yourself, and transgender, and the sexuality of a person doesn’t matter to you when it comes to who you’re attracted to, you are pansexual. If you strictly are attracted to and only sleep with people the opposite gender as yourself, then and only then, are you straight or heterosexual.

Everyone knows what these words mean. Stop acting like you don’t know and stop trying to twist and distort what it means. You lying to yourself about what these words mean doesn’t change what they mean.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

6 thoughts on “People Doing Gay Things, But Don’t Want To Identify As Gay”

  1. @mysparklingthoughts
    What’s your opinion when you hear some black women state “black men aren’t naturally attractive to dark skin black women as dark skin black women are to them.” We have some black men & women suffer who from a severe case of mentally illness & post traumatic syndrome. It’s normal & natural for some one of the same race to be attractive too their own people before other races.

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    1. Exactly! When I hear black people saying that about each other, I think that they have been severely brainwashed. This country has been telling black people to hate themselves for centuries and sadly, many of our people internalized it badly. That’s why these black people hate dark skin, are obsessed with skin tones, hate their natural hair and refuse to wear it out, and hate their facial features. That’s why I wish black people had their own media. So, we can correct this type of brainwashing of our people.


  2. There trying to make homosexuality as normal in which we see it as abnormal. Furthermore I notice a trend that heterosexual men are dating butch lesbian women that have masculine mannerism & dress in men clothing. I came across 2 black males that dated these type of women in which both were open about being butches. In my opinion that’s not normal but a real man is not going to be attracted too a woman that’s trying to carry on his mannerism & dress like him. That’s a red flag all the way. It’s basically saying you’re gay but you’re using this butch lesbian woman to hide your real sexuality. On top of that since she’s an actual woman people want look at you as being gay.

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    1. Exactly. I never understood why so called “straight” men dated women who dressed and looked like men. And I think women who dress and act like men and men who dress and act like women, but are still claiming to be straight are closet transsexuals.


      1. @mysparklingthoughts

        I do agree.

        P.S. I’m sorry to throw you blog off topic but this deals with interracial relationships. I just can’t see how any black man or woman could be interested in interracial dating when every other race have an anti-black derogatory names toward our people. The non black person their dating is a suspect racist because they wouldn’t know if this non black person stated or have anti-black opinions about our people in the past or probably in the near future to come. These interracial relationships cause nothing but confusion. You can’t be about your people when you’re sleeping with non black people because you become part of the problem. All these black men & women who screaming I’m keeping my options open & divesting don’t realize or care that they are becoming the problem & the down fall of our people as well as themselves. We’re fighting a war against good vs evil. This is a spiritual, physical, emotional, & mental war. The devil will come in many different forms & always to manipulate our people. It’s up to us as a individual & collective figure it out. Some of our people have mentally checkout and to far gone too be save.


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