The Police Aren’t Making Mistakes. They Know What They’re Doing!

We all know of all the stories in the news about police abusing or killing  unarmed people. One of the things I’ve heard a lot the whole time these stories were in the news is that the police “need better training”; the reason why these shootings of unarmed people keep happening is because police aren’t “properly trained”. I don’t believe that police need better training at all when it comes to abusing and killing unarmed people.

I saw the police take Kyle Rittenhouse into custody without abusing or killing him and he had just shot and killed two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dylann Roof killed nine people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Not only did the police take him into custody without abusing or killing him, they bought him Burger King! And the police officers weren’t even there when all those people stormed the Capitol! We all know how that would’ve went down if that was a whole bunch of black people doing that!

And for the people who like to use someone’s past or them being on drugs as an excuse to justify the police killing unarmed people, someone’s past isn’t an excuse for the police to kill people. They aren’t supposed to kill anyone because of what they did in their past. They aren’t supposed to kill people because they’re “on drugs”. If they can take armed people who just came from a murdering spree in without a problem, someone “being on drugs” shouldn’t even be an issue. People would rather make excuses and justify the police killing people instead of admitting that there’s a problem in the police force.

This whole “police need better training” crap is a lie created to make it look like these cops are making mistakes when they kill someone. It’s to make it look like they weren’t properly trained to safely diffuse a situation and bring someone in. They don’t need any training. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re doing this stuff on purpose!

And don’t think for a second that the police would never do anything like that. There’s so many stories of cops doing foul things to people, especially black people, all throughout history. There’s stories of police planting false evidence, like drugs and guns, on people. There’s stories of police forcing innocent people to confess to crimes they didn’t commit. There’s stories of police brutality on people for minor offenses or sometimes nothing at all. There’s stories of police spraying people with fire hoses and sending dogs out to attack people. There’s stories of police throwing tear gas on and attacking protesters.

With all the stories we’ve heard about police all throughout history and still to this present day, why is it so hard for people to admit that the police force is corrupt? Why do people continue to make excuses for everything the police does wrong? Why do people get so mad at the people who are protesting against the police when they should really be mad at the police? They’re the ones causing all this unrest! If they stopped abusing and killing unarmed people, the protests will stop!

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

6 thoughts on “The Police Aren’t Making Mistakes. They Know What They’re Doing!”

  1. @mysparklingthoughts

    Colorism does exist but victim blaming is getting out of control. My friend was having a discussion with me about 3 black women all who had successfully careers in music. Out of 2 of the 3 women are dark skinned women and the other woman is light skinned. All three of these women came out in the 90’s. All three of these women were in popular movies.. One woman act in a movie before her success in a big time rap group then afterwards had wonderful success as a solo artist. She kept her fans waiting for a return for a new album but never return with new music. The other young lady had her on television show, doll, and been in popular movies. She also had a great career in music. The last young lady had a good music career . She had to make a strong comeback for her second album especially since her career took a hit from the scandal with her mentor on her first album. She later became the top model for a popular clothing brand. She started acting in films but kept her name in the spot light by putting out music for soundtracks that became hits. As her career was rising it was cut short in a sudden accident.
    My friend believe why the 2 dark skinned women don’t get the same praises is because they are dark skinned women. She believe they should receive there flowers now. All three of these women had talent in which they work hard for to build there careers. All three of these women are attractive. I’m going to be honest 2 out of the 3 women had nice singing voices. The two women I’m talking about are the dark skin women. We already know for black women to make it in Hollywood she have to be pretty & talented. One of the dark skin women career was more popular then the light skinned woman who died.
    What I’m trying to say I’m starting to see a trend were dark skinned women play the victim game of blaming colorism without looking at the fact that the light skinned person have talent beside the look that’s accepted by society. The new rapper Saweetie
    ( biracial Asian/ Black) made it on her looks & connection in the industry because she have already been call out as a trash female rapper. Let’s be honest I have seen biracial’ or light skinned women get in the door because people believe they have the look to sale but lack in talent. The lack of talent isn’t going to sale and people can see right through it . The only reason you’re in the position you’re in because of the look they thought could sale.

    P.S. most of our talented & popular women have always dark skinned black women especially in entertainment. Yes we have light skinned & biracial women too but the most talented ones are the full black dark skinned women.


    1. I agree. The industry wants people who fit the look AND has the talent. And sometimes, there are dark skinned people who are really talented, but don’t fit the look that they want. That’s kind of sad, now that I’m thinking about it. I think that should be changed. I wish the industry was based solely on talent and skill, like it’s supposed to be. A lot of talented people get overlooked and underestimated because they have great talent, but they don’t have the look the industry wants.


  2. @mysparklingthoughts

    Thank you !!! They know what there doing.. The police know they can get away with it because they know black people aren’t going to fight back because of fear. Everybody knows they can get away with emotionally, physically, verbally, & sexually attacking black people with no consequences because we as black people want fight back. We even attack our own with no consequences.

    P.S. what I’m about to say is off topic but it does needs to be addressed , I’m tired of black women screaming “black women are unprotected” if black men can’t protect themselves as men there not going to be able too protect black women & children. This is what black women fail to realize all together. So the best thing for black women to do is try too avoid danger and watch your surroundings.

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