Black People Being Overly Happy About Dark Skinned Couples In Hollywood

Many times on social media, I notice a lot of black people being upset about black people in Hollywood dating or marrying white people. I saw people upset and arguing about Serena Williams marrying a white man. I remember a few years ago, I saw a post on Facebook of black women berating O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube’s son) because he was with a white woman. I see black people being mad when they see dark skinned black celebrities date or marry light skinned people as well. A few years ago, I saw a video of a black woman on YouTube berating Kendrick Lamar for having a light skinned girlfriend.

On the other hand, I see black people being overly happy when they finally see a celebrity dark skinned couple. Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, Viola Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon, or any rapper with a woman who isn’t light skinned, for example.

I understand why they would be happy when they see these dark skinned couples, given the fact that we actually don’t see them as much in the media. But this shows that there are huge problems in the black community. And even though I noticed people being overly happy about dark skinned couples, I also noticed that people don’t talk about those couples as much as they complain about interracial couples or a dark skinned person being with a light skinned person.

The problems I believe this behavior shows about the black community is that there’s a lot of colorism, especially in Hollywood. I also believe that people shouldn’t give interracial couples more attention than the dark skinned couples, especially when there are dark skinned couples out there. I believe interracial couples getting more attention than dark skinned couples also stems from colorism.

Another problem I believe the black community has is insecurity. I believe that when black people see these interracial couples, it makes them feel like they’re not wanted by their own people, especially if they are rich or a celebrity. Seeing interracial couples causes insecurities in some people, whether they admit it or not. I don’t believe there were be so many negative reactions if it didn’t cause insecurities. Therefore, when they see dark skinned people, they feel happier.

We have to stop letting this bother us so much. If these people don’t want to date other black people, then let them stay with the other people. As the saying goes, “Let the trash take itself out”. It’s better for them to date out instead of them continuing to date their own people, knowing they have deep rooted issues with their own people. All they’re going to do is mistreat them.

It’s pretty sad that after everything our race has been through throughout history and everything our people have fought for, we still have these strong, negative issues about skin color. What’s worst is a lot of black people don’t want to talk about these things. They’ll talk about white people and racism all day long. But when it comes time to talk about how black people perpetuate hate amongst each other over skin color and many other things, they want to shy away from it.

A reader of mine told me about this and I’m glad this was brought to my attention. I really wish that there will come a day where all black people can say we defeated colorism and we no longer have these problems.


Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

9 thoughts on “Black People Being Overly Happy About Dark Skinned Couples In Hollywood”

  1. Black people have deep issues with colorism. Our people are obsessed with skin color it’s embarrassing. I remember when I was on social media there were a lot of black women with usernames or status quotes like redbone, yellowbone, caramel, brown beauty, chocolate, dark “n” lovely , mixed, and etc describing their physical appearance. Then we have black men describing the type of women they like snow bunny’s, redbone, yellow bone, non black Latino, mixed and etc. Black men & women have an obsession with skin color and seeking validation from non blacks.

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      1. I tell you what else needs to be put to an end statement like these that black people make below.
        No one fear the most oppress & conquer people on the planet nor are they intimidated by us. We are not love & admire but look at by others as a sexual toilet. Statements like the ones below are black people that are seeking validation & desire ability from non black people.

        Black men: we are love & admire by all races of women and the most feared men on the planet..

        Black women: we are love & admire by non black men but they are too intimidated to approach us

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      2. Oh yes! Absolutely! I’m so sick of hearing these statements from black people. This reminds me of the post I made about black people calling themselves Gods, kings and queens. How do black people believe they’re all these things if they seek this much validation and admiration from nonblacks?


      3. Our people have a bad obsessions with skin complexion. While we are talking about skin complexion, here’s another topic that need to be addressed black facial features. I’m tired of silly black people making statements as these, “black people with European facial features are more acceptable in society than black people with African facial features.” African facial features are diverse not everyone will have wide nose & full lips the same goes for other races. On top of that a black person can’t look like a European dip in chocolate. When it all comes down to it black people who have these type of obsessions & mindsets have deep insecurities within themselves. They are looking for validation from others and believing whatever people are telling them what should be attractive . These individuals are projecting their insecurities onto other people.


  2. My mother needs to read this and if she had a computer and an email address, I’d send it to her because she is a colorist and her mother was a colorist and it just keeps on going. Because of my mother being a colorist, I dated that Blackest man I could find; if he was midnight, blue/black/purple, I’d date him because I wanted to piss her off and I succeeded.

    We need to do better; a lot better!

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