Are People Celebrating Death Without Knowing It?

I always thought that it was weird how when people are alive, so many others treat them like garbage and say all kinds of mean things to them. But when they die, many of those same people are at the funeral crying and talking about how much the dead people are going to be missed and saying all kinds of positive things.

There’s a scene in the movie, Wonder Woman 1984, where a man and a woman were arguing and the man said, “Why don’t you just drop dead?” And since people’s wishes were coming true, she actually did and he cried over her. Luckily, she was able to come back to life because Wonder Woman convinced everyone in the world to take back their wishes in order to stop the chaos going on. But still, you can see the immediate change in the man’s feelings towards the woman when she was alive versus when she died.

This phenomenon happens to celebrities, especially. When Whitney Houston was alive, so many people had so many negative things to say about her. So many people talked about her being on drugs and called her all sorts of names. Dragged her for her relationship with Bobby Brown. But when she died, her music sales shot up exponentially and so many people said they were going to miss her, talked about how great of a singer she was, and how good of a person she was.

Michael Jackson was constantly picked apart by people for everything you can think of. His plastic surgeries, the change in his skin complexion, him being accused of being a pedophile, and other scandals. But when he died, all that talk disappeared and turned into sorrow. People were even running in the streets crying when he died.

Many rappers who die end up getting called “legends” after they die, especially if they die young. And most of the time, most people have never heard of these rappers or ever listened to their music before. But because they died, all of a sudden, they’re legends?

There’s nothing wrong with showing your condolences to people when they die, especially if they die young or tragically. Death is a very sad thing for everyone. You don’t have to know someone to send your condolences, either. I say that because a lot of people try to use that as an excuse for when people are sending their condolences to a music artists they never heard of. I’ve heard people say, “I’ve never heard of this person, so I don’t care that they died”, or “Y’all don’t know this person. How are y’all so sad?” It’s okay to send condolences to music artists (or anyone) who die that you don’t know. But don’t be the type of person who always complains about them or their profession when they’re alive, but when they die, all of a sudden, you turn into a fan.

Don’t be the type of person that’s always dogging or ignoring someone when they’re alive, but the moment they die, all of a sudden, you want to care about them and be sad. Show people that kind of love when they’re alive. When they can see and hear it with their own eyes.

This phenomena in people made me wonder if this means that people are celebrating death without realizing it. It seems to me that this society hates people when they’re alive, but when they die, there’s all this sudden pouring of love and sorrow. Where did that all come from and where was it when the person was alive? I’m pretty sure these people would’ve loved to see and hear all this love and care when they were alive and probably really needed that type of positive energy.

All that made me think that there might be someone or something out there that would rather see people dead than alive and when they are dead, they’re celebrating the person’s death. I know that sounds dark and disturbing, but it’s definitely something I’ve been wondering about for years. I will never understand why people do that to one another.

Solange-Tina Taught Me

I love this interlude, “Tina Taught Me”, from Solange’s album, A Seat At The Table. The instrumental to “Don’t Touch My Hair” playing in the background makes it even better. Solange’s mother, Tina Knowles, spoke a message I couldn’t agree with more if I wanted to. A message full of being proud of being black. She also talks about how here in America, black people are not allowed to express pride in being black and if we do, it is taken as us being anti-white. The truth is white people are anti-black. They hate our culture. They don’t want us to love our culture and try to push their culture on us. They’ve done this for centuries. This is why our original culture(s), language(s), etc., were stripped away from us and replaced with theirs. I believe this is why when we express pride in loving ourselves and our culture, they take it as us not liking their culture. They take us expressing love and pride in ourselves as rejecting their culture that they’re forcing on us.

Black Men & Black Women Blaming Each Other For The Problems In Their Community

One growing trend I’m seeing on the Internet more & more is black men and black women blaming each other for the problems in the black community. There are countless social media posts and videos where black men and black women are spewing hate about each other, blaming each other for everything wrong with our race, and getting tons of reactions and views for it.

Black men and black women are blaming each other for the self hate in our communities. Black men say black women are the cause because they’re always wearing straight hair and shame their daughters’ “nappy” hair while doing it and are very quick to straighten it. Black women say black men are the cause because they shame and refuse to date women who don’t straighten their hair and are more attracted to them when they wear weave than their real hair.

Black women say black men shame dark skinned women and refuse to date them. Black men say that black women shamed them for their dark skin and have horrible attitudes towards them, which is why they refuse to date them. And say that black mothers shame their sons by comparing them to their fathers in a very disrespectful manner.

They’re blaming each other for why we don’t have businesses in our communities. Black women say that black men aren’t building and give all of their money to white women. Black men say that black women give all their money to Asians by buying fake hair and nails.

They’re blaming each other for the high single mother rate in the black community. Black men say black women are single mothers because they like thugs and choose poorly in men to have children with. Black women say that it’s because black men are afraid and running away from their responsibilities.

They’re blaming each other for the high crime rate. Black women say it’s because black men are violent and don’t know how to act. Black men say it’s because of black single mothers and how they’re poorly raising young black boys.

There are so many other examples. The sad part about this is that not only are we as black people treating each other as the enemy for our problems and not our true enemies and oppressors, nobody is taking responsibility for these problems. There’s nothing but a bunch of finger pointing. So, what’s going to happen? NOTHING! The problems are going to continue to persist and we will continue blaming each other. It’s not going to do anything but get worst.

Also, we have to be very careful about how we talk about each other publicly. Saying these things about each other and ourselves will leave us wide open to stereotyping. And when it comes time to fight for real justice, our oppressors can use all these things we say about each other against us to deny us the justice we need. For instance, if we get angry about a white person calling a black person a “nigger”, they can use the fact that we call each other and ourselves that against us to get out of trouble. Or if we’re being unfairly treated or abused somewhere and we speak out about it, they will bring up “black on black crime”.

We need to come together, work together to find the root of these problems and fix them ourselves because if we don’t fix them, no one else will.

The fact that we do all this finger pointing is proof that BOTH black men AND black women are doing things to contribute to the problems in the black community. The things that we’re saying that the other side is doing says it all. And one side is NOT more guilty than the other. BOTH sides are EQUALLY guilty.

I really think we do so much negative talking about each other because we hate ourselves and fear our oppressors. I also think we do this because we are frustrated with our problems, but are too afraid to do what we have to do to face and fix them. We take this hate and fear out on each other. We have to stop and start healing.