Is Black Women Wearing Weave Cultural Appropriation?

Whenever black women call out these white women or any other nonblack women who purposely and willingly copy things from black women and act like it’s some new thing, someone always says, “Well, what about black women wearing weave, blue/green eye contacts, and bleaching their skin? Aren’t they cultural appropriating?”

I think this question is stupid and deflecting. Instead of acknowledging that these nonblack women are copying black women and getting put on a pedestal while black women get overlooked or dogged out, they try to flip it on black women. Black women wearing weave, bleaching their skin, or wearing blue or green eye contacts is not cultural appropriation.

I feel like a lot of black women who do those things do it to feel more beautiful in a society that puts down black hair, skin, and features. White and other nonblack women who wear black women’s hairstyles, get surgeries to get black women’s body features, etc. aren’t getting those things to feel more beautiful because their looks are already the standard in this society.

Their looks are celebrated over black women’s in the media all the time. They copy our looks to be trendy and/or replace us in media and not to be more accepted because they will get accepted with or without the surgeries and hairstyles. Black women actually HAVE TO have lighter skin, straight hair, and a certain body shape to be accepted and celebrated in both media and regular society.

At the same time, although I believe black women altering their features is not cultural appropriating, I do believe it is wrong and hypocritical of us to cry and complain about other races of women “trying to look and be like us” when we’re sitting around with a straight blonde wig on or whenever we’re taking a picture online, we have to turn the brightness up to make our skin look lighter. We have a lot of nerve crying because some white woman wore braids when we don’t have our own hair in our heads.

One thing I’ve learned about white people is that they like to use people’s words against them. They know when they are cultural appropriating, but they like acting like they don’t know what it is. So, when they’re called out on it, they like flipping the script to, “Well, what about you?”

If we want to call them out for what they’re doing, we can at least not do the same thing they’re doing. We have to get rid of weaves and hair straightening, skin bleaching/photo lightening, different color eye contacts, or anything that remotely erases our blackness. It may not stop them cultural appropriating altogether, but at least they can’t use us as an excuse to keep doing it. We can call them out and actually hold them accountable for what they’re doing.

If we’re not going to stop with the straight hair and skin bleaching, we can’t say anything about them. They have a point when they say that. And we can’t bring up, “There are black women all over the world that have naturally straight hair and natural blue/green eyes,” when that’s not you. You don’t have naturally straight hair or natural blue or green eyes. That’s why you have to go buy it, so that’s an invalid argument.

We have to start accepting all of our features 100% with no altering. Then, and only then, will we be right in calling out all these nonblack women who are cultural appropriating. Until then, we can’t say anything.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

9 thoughts on “Is Black Women Wearing Weave Cultural Appropriation?”

  1. You said something about being celebrated in the media and regular life. I know that we need to break away from their forms of media. Until then we will never feel as great as we should. Nor will we accept our beauty. We’re to busy looking for another man’s approval. By that i mean if we’re waiting for the Caucasian controlled media to portray us in all our glory, we’ll be waiting until the end of time.
    I saw a video of 10 BEAUTIFUL I mean BEAUTIFUL brown women, but they all had weaves in/ on. We hours learn to completely love ourselves and all our GOD-GIVEN features from our heads to or toes. Cultural appropriation, I don’t know. I never thought about it like that. I know the trauma we have and still face is keeping our minds in shackles.

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    1. You’re right. I think we do pay way too much attention to media and don’t realize it’s white owned and controlled and they will never portray us properly. We need our own media and stop waiting on white people to do uplift us in theirs.

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  2. “ We have to start accepting all of our features 100% with no altering. ” This statement was greatly said.

    Society love to flip the blame game on black women hair. Again black African women around the diaspora are the only race of women who physically featured have been society. Our Afro texture have been mock even , black women have lost there jobs because of wearing there natural hair or wearing braids was unprofessional in the work force. People constantly complain if she was it straight or natural everyone has a issue on what the black woman does to her hair. For society to consider us inferior they sure do worry about what we do to our hair & etc.

    One thing I wish a lot of black women should start doing is loving themselves stop waiting for validation from society. We need to control the black woman image ourselves an promote positive images. Also these culture vultures that copies us we don’t need to give them any air time in calling out because they get entertain when we’re upset.

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    1. Exactly! Thank you for your comment. Everything you said is very true. I would love to see the day where all black people, men and women, would love and accept themselves and forget about what the rest of the world has to say about us.

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      1. @mysparklingthoughts

        Thanks!!! I’m about to throw your post off topic but this have been on my mind since the death of Kobe Bryant. I have seen several black male celebrities mostly athletes , crying on national television over Kobe. Too be honest white media is milking the death of Kobe for ratings & sales. What’s sad is the media showing black males crying over Kobe is emasculating their image. You will never see a non black male celebrities crying over a famous non black male like how black men are doing Kobe . The non black male will have sympathy for the non black male celebrity death but to respect their manhood they wouldn’t dare cry on national television to emasculate themselves. You have Lebron James getting a tattoo in memory of Kobe. These black men are out here acting like women crying over there dead boyfriend & getting tattoo in honor of there memory. What’s make me evening more mad is because these man are shredding tears for a man who is black but white identified nor did he give a damn for the black community.
        Kobe Bryant’s wealth is now in the hands of another community since he’ married a non black woman. Also his black gene (bloodline) will be wipe out by the next generation because his children will date non black and they are mostly around non black people. Just look at the people who died with Kobe on the plane and look at his charity foundation which was cater to mostly non blacks.

        Furthermore we have these black male athletes kissing Kobe’s ass but Kobe didn’t hang with them nor invited them over to his house. In my opinion the athletes are just getting there 15 minutes of attention from the media. The media is making his image look squeaky clean but wait until you here the stories of his non black baby mama’s & girlfriends do a tell all about Kobe. Also nothing wouldn’t surprise me if the other crash victim go sue Kobe estate.

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      2. Yes! All very true! Him being with a nonblack woman was one of the first things that crossed my mind. I agree with you saying the media is emasculating these black men by showing them crying. The media loves emasculating black men. So far, I’ve seen TV show more black men crying than black women over him. It’s so sickening how the media is always milking celebrity deaths and how everybody just can’t wait to jump in and get attention from the press for their deaths. It sucks.

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      3. @Shanequa WOW!!! I’m usually on it, but damn you just put me up on game. I didn’t even think about the emasculation part. Honestly this whole comment needs to be Ann article in itself. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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