The Side Effects Of Interracial Dating

I’ve noticed that a lot of black men and women online who date or marry interracially love to talk down about their own people. They are always talking about what they hate about each other, how much they aren’t attracted to each other, or how much happier they are dating interracially.

I’ve always asked myself whenever I see those types of comments that: If these black men and women are so happy dating interracially, why are they still talking about each other so much? Why don’t they just take their nonblack partner and be happy and just leave each other alone? Because I feel like that would be the most simple solution. If you’re so happy dating interracially, why would there still be an urgent need to talk about each other so much?

The more I thought about this question, the more I began to believe that this just might be a side effect that black people experience while interracial dating or promoting it. And there are a few reasons why I believe these side effects occur.

One of the reasons is, I believe, deep down, black people feel like they aren’t supposed to be dating interracially at all. So, all the negative talk is them looking for excuses to keep doing it anyway. They would even use negative stories about each other in the news and negative statistics as an excuse for why they date interracially.

Another reason is that, deep down, they feel like the only way to appeal to other races of people is to hate their own people. I believe that these people are, knowingly or unknowingly, trying to appeal to the racist side of these people of other races. Deep down, they think that they have a higher chance of attracting other races of people by showing that they hate their own people.

The other reason I have is that these black men and women are only dating/marrying interracially to spite each other. Based on some of the stories I’ve heard online and in real life, a lot of black men and women feel hurt by each other. A lot of them feel rejected, abused, used, unattractive to, and/or cheated by each other, and they’re just tired of it. They don’t really want to date interracially. They want to date their own people, but they don’t feel like their own people treat them right. So, they date interracially to be happier or get revenge on each other.

And I’m pretty sure there are some of those who only talk negatively about each other and promote interracial dating/marriage just for attention on social media. They’re only doing it to get people talking about them and get likes or whatever they’re looking for.

But also, another main thing I noticed is that a lot of black women who date or promote dating interracially hate when black men date interracially and vice versa. It’s the huge hypocrisy for me that has me questioning even more. If these people think dating and marrying their own people is so bad, why are they so mad when they see each other dating interracially? I thought that was their main point. I think this is yet another side effect of interracial dating. Dating interracially has them confused. They don’t know what they really want.

I’m just tired of seeing black people throw each other under the bus just because they want to date/marry interracially. They can really just go do it and be happy, but they won’t. There’s probably many more reasons than what I named here for why black people do this, but those are the only ones I can think of for now. I’m starting to believe black people have these side effects because they feel like they aren’t supposed to be dating interracially in the first place.

Author: mysparkingthoughts

I am a young woman with a whole lot to say. I see myself as some type of messenger.

11 thoughts on “The Side Effects Of Interracial Dating”

  1. @mysparklingthought
    These interracial relationships are another method of divide & conquer , if you can be that manipulated to turn against your own people then you can’t be trusted. These relationships & the product created out of these unions are being use to infiltrate our communities. Who’s winning from all of this is our oppressors even though they are allowing us to sleep with their rejects. This is a chess game that our people constantly keep losing. Our people are fighting a spiritual, mental, & physical war in which only the strong will survive.

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      1. @ sparklingthought
        Everybody knows how the game is played but our people. Other races don’t care if one of their undesirables date black men or women the all time it really matters if they take their top of the line desirables from their race…

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  2. This was definitely food for thought. Thanx for writing this. I saw a lot of this behavior myself ,and just wrote it off as people being bitter. I didn’t think more deeply about it, but you have, and now I’ve got more room to think about it.

    I have thought about dating outside my race, but only as a thought experiment. I don’t think I could bring myself to date a white man, not just because I’d put myself in environments that may be unwelcoming to me, but might actually even harm any children (if I had them).

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    1. @ Ikeke35

      “ not just because I’d put myself in environments that may be unwelcoming to me,”

      Here’s another situation that our people don’t think about especially their safety & surroundings around non blacks people. Yes, you all ready know some will feel uncomfortable but others want because they have been condition of enjoying there token negro position. If black men & women want to interracial date , then they are doing it at their own will. They will also need to realize they are entering a non black community that already have years of anti-black opinions of our people. On top of that non black people aren’t going to put black men & women above their own people . To add too this non black people don’t want to hear your black struggle stories about racism our people face.

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  3. You must have read my mind because my friend & I had a discussion about this the other day. She stated, she’s no longer attracted to black men, black men are egotistical, and she’s keeping her options open. I told her too be careful dating interracial because you entering into a non black community that have anti-black opinions about our people. On top of that deep down she wants a black man but been “hurt” by them so she’s deciding to date out.
    Like you stated “ Based on some of the stories I’ve heard online and in real life, a lot of black men and women feel hurt by each other.” What I notice about these black men & women that been hurt by their black counterparts in relationships they will never take up there part of the blame. A person is going to do as much as you allow so if you’re playing stuck on stupid that’s on you. Studies have shown that black men & women are last on the option board when it comes to dating non black people. Non black people prefer creating children that look like them which is more close to whiteness. Furthermore children that are created out of these mix unions have identity issues especially when it comes to race.
    I strongly believe these black men & women in these interracial relationships are taking whatever non black person will accept them.

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    1. Exactly. Yes they are taking whatever nonblack person would have them. These mixed kids grow up with identity issues because black people are already confused about mixed race people as is, even though they don’t admit it. Their children are going to be even more confused. Thank you.


      1. These interracial unions are nothing more then a much of rejects uniting with other rejects. They all are using each other

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